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Lies of P: How to Use Fable Arts



Lies of P: Fable Arts

Lies of P has several unique mechanics that work similarly to souls-like games but are unique in their own way. One of the combat mechanics in the game apart from light and heavy attacks is the Fable Art. The Fable Arts are the special attacks of your weapon in Lies of P that can be used to deal extensive damage to enemies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use Fable Arts in Lies of P.

How to Use Fable Arts in Lies of P

Every weapon that you get, craft, or buy in Lies of P is divided into two parts, Handle and Blade. Both of the parts have their Fable Arts ability that can be used when the required number of Fable Art Gauge Meters are charged. The Fable Art gauge meters can be seen beneath the Stamina Bar of the character and can be filled up in two different ways.

  • Attacking the enemies.
  • Using the Fable Catalyst

The general way to fill up the gauge meter is to attack enemies. Every hit will fill up a small portion of the meter. Alternatively, you can use the Fable Catalyst which is a consumable item that can fill up one Fable Art gauge meter on 1 use. You can find the Fable Catalyst throughout the world and can be bought from the merchants.

Now, there are Fable Arts of your weapon that you can use, one is for your weapon handle which consumes 1 Fable Art gauge Meter and one is for your weapon blade which consumes 3 Fable Art gauge meters. To use the Weapon Handle’s Fable Art, press the L1 + Triangle Button at the same time and to use the Weapon Blade’s Fable Art, press the Triangle Button.

As every weapon has unique Fable Art, you need to use them at the crucial time to deal extensive damage and once the fable art is used, you will have to fill the meters again to use it again.

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