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Dragon Quest Treasures: How to Catch/Recruit Monsters



Dragon Quest Treasures: How to Catch/Recruit Monsters

Dragon Quest Treasures is an Adventure game in which the characters are searching for the GRAND Treasure. On their journey, they will get to encounter different types of monsters which can be caught and added to the Party.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Catch/Recruit Monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Catching/Recruiting Monsters

Dragon Quest Treasures offer players to catch monsters of different biomes like other games such as Pokemon but the game does not give you any certain items to catch the Monsters. However, you can Scout them. Scouting the monsters will require the players to defeat the monster for once and it will have a chance that the monster wants to join your party for your Treasure Adventure. It will only be possible once you have progressed in the main story game when you have built your own Home Base.

Once, you have done that, you will be able to talk to an NPC named “Miss Cecily” who will show you the potential new recruits that want to join the party. You will be able to look at the recruits and select the Monster that you want to make allies in your party by paying the required Fee. Yes, for each recruitment, there is a specific Fee according to Monster. Players will have to pay the Fee and the Monster will be added to the Party or replaced if the Party is already filled. The Fee is consists of different items and materials that can be found by breaking the boxes or defeating the monsters.

To increase the chances of scouting, players can shoot the Buddy Bullets at the Monster. To do that, players will have to equip the Slingshot by pressing the ZR button then pressing Y to view all the Pellets, and then using the D-Pad to go switch through the Pellets and select the Buddy Bullets. Shooting the Buddy Bullets will increase the chance of Scouting that monster and when you will go back to your home base and interact with the NPC, you will get a notification of new recruitment.

Monsters are of Four different difficulties and they are denoted by the color of their frames. The colors are Rainbow, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The Bronze monsters are very easy to recruit, Silver is easy to recruit, Gold is somewhere moderate, and the Rainbow monsters are very difficult to recruit. They are also high-level monsters who have high attributes. So, the players will start from the low-level monsters and make their way up to the high-level monsters.

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