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Dragon Quest Treasures: How to Heal and Revive Allies



Dragon Quest Treasures: How to Heal and Revive Allies

Dragon Quest Treasures Role Playing Adventure Game in which Erik and Mia run off with two Monsters to look for the GRAND Treasure. On their Adventure, they will get to meet different types of monsters that can be recruited as well and welcomed to their party. However, fighting with the enemies can tire up the whole party so, players will have to heal themselves and the party to continue the adventure.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Heal and Revive Allies in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Healing Yourself

Throughout the adventure of Erik and Mia, they will fight different types of monsters and some high-level monsters are tough so they can deal high damage to the players. During the fights, players can heal themselves by using the Dragon Dagger that they found early in the game but it will only heal the player himself. You will need to hold the X button to restore your HP by using a small portion of MP. It will let the player come back in the fight with the advantage to take out the monsters.

Healing Allies

As players will not have only Erik and Mia but there will also be Three other Monsters in their party. So, the whole party will be of 5 players and all of them have their own HP and MP. If you have an ally whose HP gets low then the player will have to use the Slingshot with the Pellets to heal the Ally. The Slingshot can be equipped by pressing the ZR button then selecting the required Pellet, pressing Y to see all the Pellets, and using D-Pad to change through the Pellets that you currently have. The Pellets that are used for Healing are Heal Pellets and Midheal Pellets. Midheal Pellets restore more HP so, if Ally’s HP is almost zero then you should use Midheal Pellets if not then you can use the simple Heal Pellets to restore some HP.

Heal All Party

After the fights, players might be low on HP and MP along with all the allies. They don’t have to use all of the healing resources to heal the party and themselves, they can simply use the Campfire or return to Home Base. Both of these things will completely restore the HP and MP of all the parties. Campfires are almost in every town that players will cross through in their journey so, whenever you see a Campfire, go and interact with it to fully restore and then continue the adventure.

Revive Allies

Since players have the ability to restore their HP in the fight by holding down the X button but the allies will not be able to heal automatically and players will have to heal them by shooting the Heal Pellets with their Slingshot. Sometimes, monsters do get down during the fight and the only way to return them back in the fight is by reviving them. To Revive the downed Ally of your Party, you will need to hold down the A button to revive it which will consume your player’s MP. If your player does not have enough MP then the Ally will not be revived until you get to Home Base or a Campfire.

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