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Choo Choo Charles: How to Kill Charles – Finish It (Main Mission)



Choo Choo Charles: How to Kill Charles – Finish It (Main Mission)

Choo Choo Charles is an Indie Survival Horror game in which the player will hunt for a monster named “Charles” who is Half Train and Half Giga-Spider. Players will only be able to kill it when they have discovered its secret and found a way to fight it when it is mortal.

In this guide, we will tell you how to Kill Charles or to complete the main mission “Finish it” in Choo Choo Charles.

Finish It – Killing Charles

To put Charles in a Mortal state, players will have to retrieve all three Monster Eggs that are being guarded by mobs of Warren. All of the Eggs are guarded in different Mines across the Island. Players will have to talk to all the NPCs who will give you the key for each Mine and then retrieve the respective Eggs. Players can get the Eggs by completing the following missions of the game.

After getting all the Eggs and placing the Charges on the Highest Bridge on the Island in the Destruction Project mission, players will unlock the final mission “Finish it”. Players will have to go to the Shrine location which is in the middle of the Island.

Go to the location by train and when you get close, stop the train and go to the Shrine. But be careful because it will be also guarded by the mobs of Warren. So, go through the side ad and then go up on the main staircase to reach the locked door. Interact with the door to use the Shrine Key to unlock the door. Go inside and interact with the Shrine to trigger a cutscene in which your player will insert all the Eggs in the Shrine which will shoot an energy beam. Charles will come to the Shrine and absorb the energy which will make him “Hell Charles” and become Mortal.

Your character will return to the Train and you will get to slay the monster. Use the Gun at the back of the train to start shooting at Charles to deal damage. If you have upgraded the gun and switched it to the Grenade Launcher then it will help you a lot because it deals more damage. You also want to have some scraps in case, your train’s health gets low. You will be able to use the scraps on the Blue Print to restore Train’s Health.

Keep shooting at Hell Charles to deplete his HP and whenever your Train’s HP gets low, use the scraps to restore the health. On every quarter of depletion of Charles’s HP, he will get more aggressive and starts to teleport to you whenever he starts to shine white. Keep your aim on Charles to damage him continuously and when you depleted all of his HP, a cutscene will play in which you will go above the Highest Bridge and Paul will activate the charges, and Charles will explode and fall down into Hell and die. It will conclude the game and you get to see the credits.

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