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Choo Choo Charles: Prologue – Walkthrough



Choo Choo Charles: Prologue – Walkthrough

Choo Choo Charles is an Indie Survival Horror game in which the player will hunt for a monster named “Charles” who is Half Train and Half Giga-Spider. The player will have to figure out the secrets of Charles and find a way to kill the monster once and for all in the fight.

In this guide, we’ll go through the Prologue of the game in which the NPC named “Eugene” will give you a brief introduction of Charles.

PROLOGUE – Walkthrough

As the game starts, you will go through a cutscene in which Eugene will call for us to hunt the monster down and tells us to meet him at the dock. As the Cutscene ends, you will be on the boat with Eugene and he will tell you the nature of the monster. Eugene will bring us to the Island named “Aranearum” and you will have to follow him to the closed door of the dock. Interact with Eugene and he will tell you that there is a Train Shed at the top of the hill which should have an old train inside it.

Eugene will open the door and run up to the hill. Follow Eugene and you will come to know that Train Shed is locked. Eugene will tell you that there should be a key in a cabin further up on the hill. Eugene will mark the location on your map as well. Open the map by pressing the “M” key to see the location of the cabin. Go straight to the right side of the Train Shed to reach the Cabin. Open the door of the Cabin and you will find the Key on the table. Pick up the key and come back down to Eugene.

Choo Choo Charles: Prologue – Walkthrough

Interact with the Train Shed’s Door to unlock it and you will see a Yellow Train. Board the Train and you will see different things there. There will be a Green Lever and a Red Lever that you will be able to interact with which will be used to accelerate and brake. You will be able to take the train to quickly navigate the island. There will be a Blue Print on the table which can be used to upgrade your train by using Scraps. You can find Scraps by looting around on the Island or by completing missions. At the back of the train, there will be a mini-gun that can be used to take down the enemies/Charles.

After exploring the Train, Eugene will tell you to take the train for a Spin. Interact with the Green Lever to accelerate the Train and go through the doors of the Train Shed. As you go ahead, you will be attacked by the monster “Charles”. Interact with the Mini-Gun to fire at him and he will attack the train which will bounce off Eugene to the ground and Charles will kill Eugene. You will be left on your own in the Monster Hunting and the Prologue of the game will come to an end.

Choo Choo Charles: Prologue – Walkthrough

After that, you will have to use the train to navigate through the island and find a way to kill the monster on your own.

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