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Choo Choo Charles: Destruction Project – Main Mission Walkthrough



Choo Choo Charles: Destruction Project – Main Mission Walkthrough

Once players have retrieved all three Monster Eggs from the Mines around the Island, players will have to do the last job before they get to kill Charles.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Destruction Project’s main mission in Choo Choo Charles.

Destruction Project – Walkthrough

“Destruction Project” is one of the main missions in Choo Choo Charles that players have to complete in order to unlock the last mission named “Finish It”. The Destruction Project can be done early in the game or later in the game depending on whether players got all three Monster Eggs or not. The Destruction Project mission is given by a guy named Paul who lives on the North side of the Island. Players will have to make their way to the North side and interact with the NPC to get the mission. There will be two blue logos on that side so you want to interact with the most Northern side to get this mission. On the way, players might run into Charles because it would take some time to get there. Players will also have to change the direction of the rails by interacting with the lever to get to the Northwest side of the Island.

Destruction Project – Walkthrough

Once players have reached the location, they will have to talk to the NPC named Paul and he will tell you about the Monster Eggs that are being kept hidden inside the Mines by Warren. He will also tell you to plant the explosives on the Highest Bridge on the Island. The Bridge is directly in front of Paul’s home so, make your way to the Bridge and interact with the Supports of the Bridge to plant the charges.

There are 8 Supports on the Bridge and you will have to plant the charge on each support. Four supports will be on one side and the four supports will be on the opposite side. Use the staircase to go down the bridge and plant the charges on all the Supports. Once you have planted the charges, go back to Paul and he will give you the Key to the Shrine. He will tell you to bring Charles on the bridge so he can explode Charles to pieces.

After getting the Shrine’s key, the last mission of the game will be unlocked in which players will be able to take down Charles once and for all.

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