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Choo Choo Charles: North Mine Mystery – Main Mission (Walkthrough)



Choo Choo Charles: North Mine Mystery – Main Mission (Walkthrough)

After Eugene has gone, players will have to know the secrets and find a way to kill the monster. Players will have to navigate through the Island and find the NPC that will tell them the secrets to kill the Monster.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the North Mine Mystery main mission in Choo Choo Charles.

North Mine Mystery – Walkthrough

North Mine Mystery is one of the main missions in the game in which players have to retrieve the monster eggs from the North Mine on the Island. To get the mission, players will have to travel to the North East side of the Island towards the Blue logo (NPC) on the map. On the way, players might run into Charles because it would take some time to get there. Players will also have to change the direction of the rails by interacting with the lever to get to the North East side of the Island.

Once players have reached the location, they will have to talk to the NPC and he will tell you about the Monster Eggs that are being kept hidden inside the Mines by Warren. He will give you the Key to the Mine on the North side of the Island.

North Mine Mystery – Walkthrough

Mark the location on the map and get back on your train. Use the Green lever to accelerate the Train and make your way to the Mine. Use the Red Lever to stop the train when you are near the Mine and walk up to the Mine. Interact with the Mine Gate to unlock and go inside. Follow the following steps to retrieve the Monster Egg.

  • Go inside the Mine and follow through the tunnel.
  • You will see a bridge going to the left side.
  • Take the bridge and go to the left side and you will start hearing the sound of the mob/cultist.
  • Listen closely to the Whistle to know the location of the mob. If the whistle is louder on the right side, then go from the left side. If the whistle is louder on the left side, then go from the right side.
  • If you are closer to him then walk slowly behind him and you will reach a Lever to open the gate to the Blue Egg.
  • When he has gone to the other side, interacts with the Lever to open the door.
  • The mob will be alerted now so, quickly go inside the room and pick up the Blue Egg.
  • Don’t go back because the mob will start following you so, use the path in the room to reach another lever.
  • Use the Lever to lower the bridge to the rail.
  • Follow the rail to get out of the Mne with the Egg.

After getting out of the Mine alive, go back to the train to find the rest of the Eggs.

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