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Choo Choo Charles: South Mine Spelunking – Main Mission (Walkthrough)



Choo Choo Charles: South Mine Spelunking – Main Mission (Walkthrough)

After Eugene has gone, players will have to know the secrets and find a way to kill the monster. Players will have to navigate through the Island and find the NPC that will tell them the secrets to kill the Monster.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the South Mine Spelunking main mission in Choo Choo Charles.

South Mine Spelunking – Walkthrough

To find the Main Mission named “South Mine Spelunking”, players will have to come straight on the rail with the train where the Prologue ended to reach the south side of the Island. They will come up to a house on the left side with a lady sitting outside the house. Talk to the Lady and she will tell you that the Monster is somehow connected with the Temple on the Island. The Temple can be activated by placing all three Eggs and the Eggs are placed in three different Mines which are well-guarded by the mobs. She will mark the location of the South Mine on your map.

South Mine Spelunking – Walkthrough

Open the Map to see the Location and get back on the train and reach outside the Mine. Enter the Mine and follow the following steps to take the Egg.

  • Go straight down in the Mine until you reach a dead end.
  • Go right in the tunnel and you will reach a bridge.
  • Go right on the bridge to cross it and you will start to hear the Whistles of the mob.
  • Use the Wooden barricades to use as a cover and slowly move ahead.
  • Wait for the mob to cross to the left side and as it goes to the left side, go inside the room on the right.
  • Go to the next room and you will see the Green Egg on the left.
  • Go near the Egg and interact with it to pick it up.
  • It will alert the Mob and you just need to run from there to the entrance of the mine.
  • Go back to where you come from and you will be out of the Mine in no time.

After getting out of the Mine alive, go back to the train to find the rest of the Eggs.

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