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Dying Light 2: Stay Human – All trophies at a glance



Dying Light 2: All trophies and achievements for the zombie slicer

Dying Light 2: Stay Human puts you in a post-apocalyptic world with lots of zombies. In our trophy guide, you will find out which tasks you have to solve in order to receive the coveted platinum trophy .

How many trophies are there in Dying Light 2: Stay Human?

Developer Studio Techland has equipped Dying Light 2: Stay Human with a total of 58 trophies. The bronze trophies account for the largest share with 48 pieces. You can also dust off eight silver trophies, one gold, and one platinum.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human – All bronze trophies

With a whopping 48 bronze trophies, you’ve got your hands full in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. You have to master crazy course maneuvers, find collectibles, kill enemies in different ways, or just drop 10,994 meters.

street art connoisseurDiscover all graffiti collectibles.bronze
audio friendFind all audio collectibles.bronze
archivistFind all Notes collectibles.bronze
kaboom!Perform an air kick after a double-wall run.bronze
True night runnerComplete all Nightrunner Trials.bronze
ValidKill 50 enemies with a spear.bronze
Don’t look upKill at least 50 enemies from above.bronze
This is the end!Perform 50 ambush kills.bronze
modsMod weapons at least 50 times.bronze
Lightning fast reflexesExecute 10 perfect blocks in a row without taking damage.bronze
That’s what I call teamwork!Kill 100 enemies with at least 2 other players.bronze
social beingJoin a co-op game session.bronze
Too slow!Shake off pursuers at max hunt level.bronze
Deadly HeadacheGet 50 headshots with a ranged weapon.bronze
tanning salonKill a virus carrier with a UV flashlight.bronze
death from afarKill a Spitter with a ranged weapon.bronze
night hunterKill a Shadowhunter.bronze
InviolableKill 20 enemies in a row with melee weapons without taking any damage.bronze
Good night and good luckSurvive the first night.bronze
Now it’s going downA total of at least 10,994 meters fall.bronze
ultramarathonTravel at least 960 kilometers.bronze
million gameRaise 1,000,000 in old world money.bronze
BootlickerReach City Alignment 7 for any faction.bronze
friends in needAssist 50 survivors in encounters.bronze
Oh, that’s how it works!Modify the weapon for the first time.bronze
You never forget the first timeCraft the first item.bronze
flag burningTake out the first bandit camp.bronze
It wasn’t that difficult, was it?Defeat the first GRE anomaly.bronze
Found something?Find all GRE packages.bronze
Can’t you read the signs?Collect all inhibitors hidden in GRE quarantine stations.bronze
Don QuixoteActivate all windmills.bronze
The tickets please!Use a subway station to get around quickly.bronze
Sancho PanzaActivate the first pinwheel.bronze
tunnel entranceActivate the first subway station.bronze
In the service of the cityAssign all facilities.bronze
Family over everythingfind your sisterbronze
descentEnter the X13 elevator.bronze
Death by the shovelWake up after the rocket attack.bronze
accompliceFind out where Veronika Ryan is.bronze
We will be heard!Restore the radio tower.bronze
rubble and ashReach the observatory.bronze
Get out of my house!Defeat the renegades attacking the Fisheye.bronze
light in the darknessActivate the first substation.bronze
On the trail of the enemyFind out where Waltz is.bronze
VacuumActivate the first water tower.bronze
Warm welcome!Enter the bazaar.bronze
shooting debutUsing an inhibitor for the first time.bronze
Journey into the unknownreach Villedor.bronze

Dying Light 2: Stay Human – All silver trophies

For the silver trophies in Dying Light 2: Stay Human you have to level up your character to the maximum and track down all potential romances in the game, among other things.

iron heartAchieve maximum endurance.silver
fitAchieve maximum health.silver
on missionGet to know all potential playmates.silver
Battle MasteryReach maximum combat ability.silver
parkour masteryAchieve maximum parkour ability.silver
Ban RayExclude all bandit camps.silver
revenantDefeat all GRE anomalies.silver
subway mapActivate all subway stations.silver

Dying Light 2: Stay Human – This is what you have to do to reach Gold and Platinum

Developer Techland recently announced that you can immerse yourself in the open-world adventure for up to 500 hours if you want to experience everything and unlock all endings. At the latest when the gold trophy “Your world, your rules” becomes known, it is clear that an end is enough to achieve platinum.

Your world, your rulesComplete the game with any
pilgrim pathGet all trophies.platinum

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