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EA announces FIFA 21 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch



FIFA 21 was the first game in the series to start at number one on the US sales chart

Electronic Arts has confirmed that FIFA 21 Legacy Edition is in development for the Nintendo Switch. It is expected to launch this fall on the console.

Remember that Legacy Editions are iterative, as they update the game with the latest kits and gear to reflect the latest changes in the world of soccer, but do not add any “new game modes or game innovations. “

This is the message EA has posted:

EA announces FIFA 21 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch features the latest updates and casting kits for next season, updated presentation (menus and overlays), but there are no new game modes and innovations.

For now, we have not been able to see images of this version, so we will be attentive to more details. However, it is expected to be very similar to previous FIFA Legacy Edition EA has released on Nintendo Switch.

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