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Elden Ring: Ashes and How to Upgrade and Use



Elden Ring: Ashes and How to Upgrade and Use

There are two types of Ashes in Elden Ring:

  • Ashes of War
  • Spirit Ashes

Ashes of War

Ashes of war are the special items which we enable to replace weapon skill and affiliate with the new one. You can apply Ashes to your weapon and shields to apply new skills. This will allow setting your class with your playstyle with each type of armaments. Some weapons cannot be customized with Ashes of war. Each weapon has its type of equipment so all weapon skills are not compatible. There are a total of 12 Ashes of war.

⦁ Standard Ashes of War

⦁ Quality Ashes of War

⦁ Lightning Ashes of War

⦁ Sacred Ashes of War

⦁ Magic Ashes of War

⦁ Poison Ashes of War

⦁ Fire Ashes of War

⦁ Heavy Ashes of War

⦁ Blood Ashes of War

⦁ Cold Ashes of War

⦁ Occult Ashes of War

⦁ Keen Ashes of War

Spirit Ashes

In Elden Ring Spirit Ashes are the Spirit companions that can help the player in combat. Apart from Weapons and Armor spirit Ashes are another feature that you can add to your combat. That will create another approach in the combat time. You can summon spirit with. There is a total of 55 Spirit Ashes.

  • Albinauric Ashes
  • Ancestral Follower Ashes
  • Archer Ashes
  • Avionette Soldier Ashes
  • Banished Knight Oleg Ashes
  • Black Knife Tiche
  • Demi-human Ashes
  • Fanged Imp Ashes
  • Finger Maiden Therolina Puppet
  • Giant Rat Ashes
  • Glintstone Sorcerer Ashes
  • Godrick Soldier Ashes
  • Greatshield Soldier Ashes
  • Jarwight Puppet
  • Kaiden Sellsword Ashes
  • Lhutel The Headless
  • Lone Wolf Ashes
  • Mad Pumpkin Head Ashes
  • Marionette Soldier Ashes
  • Mimic Tear Ashes
  • Nightmaiden & Swordstress Puppets
  • Noble Sorcerer Ashes
  • Nomad Ashes
  • Omenkiller Rollo
  • Page Ashes
  • Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes
  • Skeletal Bandit Ashes
  • Skeletal Militiaman Ashes
  • Spirit Jellyfish Ashes
  • Stormhawk Deenh
  • Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes
  • Wandering Noble Ashes
  • Winged Misbegotten Ashes
  • Rotten Stray Ashes
  • Warhawk Ashes
  • Latenna The Albinauric
  • Perfumer Tricia
  • Bloodhound Knight Floh
  • Vulgar Militia Ashes
  • Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes
  • Soldier Of Fortune Ashes
  • Putrid Corpse Ashes
  • Radhan Soldier Ashes
  • Napheli Loux Puppet
  • Oracle Envoy Ashes
  • Man Serpant Ashes
  • Mausoleum Soldier Ashes
  • Dung Eater Puppet
  • Dolores The Sleeping Arrow Puppet
  • Crystalian Ashes
  • Depraved Perfumer Carmaan Ashes
  • Clayman Ashes
  • Cleanrot Knight Finlay Ashes
  • Battlemage Hughues Ashes
  • Leyndell Soldier Ashes

How to Upgrade

Upgrading Ashes make them Stronger and more effective boosting the stats like attack defense or health. You can find the upgrading point at Strom-hill Shack.

There you will find this NPC [Roderika]. Talk to her and she will give you Spirit Jellyfish Ashes.

After that go to Storm-veil Castle by taking the lift you will reach a point where you will see multiple dead bodies. At the dead body, you will find Chrysalids Memento.

After that go to the round table and speak to Black-Smith and ask about Roderika. Meet Roderika and return to Black-Smith and tell him what Roderika told you. Rest at Table of Lost Grace. Talk to Roderika again you will see her on the ground. There you will get the ability to Upgrade Spirit.

upgradce ashes

How to use Ashes

First, you need to find any Site of Grace and then open the menu. Equip the weapon and Spirit into your Armament. You will see the stats of the upgradation. You have to equip the weapon with the ashes you want to upgrade and then use the class.

How to Upgrade

All the Ashes you will get. Some of you can get from fighting Bosses and some of them you will get from Side Quests. You can use them and equip them according to your class.

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