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Elden Ring: Irina’s Questline COMPLETE, Deliver the letter to father in Castle Morn



Elden Ring: Irina’s Questline COMPLETE, Deliver the letter to father in Castle Morn

Irina is located just a bit south of the Bridge of Sacrifice which is located on the Bridge from Limgrave to Weeping Peninsula. You have to cross the Bridge of Sacrifice and enter Weeping Peninsula, She is sitting just down south beside the main road.

Irina’s Questline

Talk to Irina

You have to talk to Irina, she will tell you that she has escaped the Castle Morne and that her father escaped her and stayed himself in Castle Morne. She will also tell you that the guards there are very fearful and they don’t spare any soul. She is scared that they will kill her father.

She will ask you for a favor to deliver her letter to his father and she wants her father to escape the castle. You have to accept to deliver the letter and start with Irina’s Quest.

Irina’s Quest

Deliver the letter to Father(edgar)

You have to keep on going down south to where you met Irina in Weeping Peninsula area, You will reach the Castle Morne. Once, you’ve reached the Castle Morne. You need to go straight to the open area and take a right there is a ladder there, you need to go up the ladder. Once, you get up the ladder you will see a tower to your far left in corner. You need to keep going towards this tower, when you get close you’ll see a staircase at the rightside of it going up the tower. You need to reach the tower and you’ll meet a man sitting there. You need to talk to the man, He’s the father of Irina, Edgar.

When you talk to him, He will tell you that he was once the Warden of the Castle Morne. You have to deliver Edgar his daughter’s letter. After you give him the letter, he will tell you that he can’t leave Castle Morne now as long as the Treasure Sword of Morne is not in the safe hands. He will also tell you that when you meet Irina tell her that his father will come to her when he has fulfilled his duty.

Edgar his daughter’s letter

Defeat the Castle Morne Boss (Leonine Misbegotten)

You have now go to find the Castle Morne boss, you must have to defeat the boss in this questline. The location of the boss is behind Castle Morne, you have to make your way behind the Castle Morne and go to the ground near the Beach Area. The location is shown on the map.

Defeat the Castle Morne Boss (Leonine Misbegotten)

Once, you’ve reached Behind the Castle near this beach area. You’ll see there is a tomb with a teleport door there.

You need to go to this teleport and use the teleport, This will directly take you to the area where you will face the Boss which is called Leonine Misbegotten. You have to fight the boss and defeat him, he has a big sword and he uses swing attacks. You have to dodge his swing attacks and counter-attack him quickly. This way you can easily defeat the boss.

Castle Morne Boss


Once, you have defeated Leonine Misbegotten the Castle Morne boss. You will get the Grafter Blade GreatSword.

Leonine Misbegotten reward

Talk to Edgar

Once, you’ve gotten the Grafted Blade Greatsword you need to go back to Edgar. You will find him at the Tower where you met him before, you need to go and talk to him. He will thank you for defeating the boss and that he will now be spending his remaining days with Irina.

Get back to Irina

You need to go back near the Bridge of Sacrifice where you last met Irina. You have to go to the same location, you’ll find Irina’s Father there and you’ll find the dead body of Irina lying there. Someone killed Irina. Edgar her father will tell you that he will kill every last one of the men that killed Irina.

Revenger’s Shack

You need to go to the Revenger’s Shack, it is in western Liurnia at the given location on the map.

Revenger’s Shack

You need to make your way to the Revenger’s Shack. Once, you’ve reached there you’ll see there is a location of grace beside the shack and You need to go inside the shack you’ll find there are a lot of dead bodies. When you’re inside the shack you’ll get a message that you’re Invaded by Edgar Revenger. You’ve to kill Edgar the Revenger there. Once, you’ve defeated him you’ll receive some items the furlcalling finger Remedy and the Banished knights’ Halberd.

Edgar the Revenger

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