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Elden Ring: Lich-Dragon Fortissax, Location



Elden Ring: Lich-Dragon Fortissax, Location

Lich-Dragon Fortissax is a Boss in Elden Ring. This Boss is a massive black Dragon with four winged joints with each other and wields powerful lightning attacks. This boss is optional but you need to defeat this boss to complete Fia’s Quest.

How to Locate Lich-Dragon Fortissax

Lich-Dragon Fortissax is a hidden Boss in Elden Ring. This boss has not a specific location. As this is a hidden boss you have to follow Fia’s Questline to find Lich-Dragon Fortissax. Also, this Boss finding is the merge of Fia’s and Rann’s Questline.

Cursemark of Death

Follow Ranni’s Questline to get Cursemark of Death.

Ranni’s Quest

After defeating Radahn you have to talk to Ranni at her location where you can see a large tower on the map in Liurnia of Lakes.

How to Locate Lich-Dragon Fortissax

After reaching the place you will have to several stairs and a lift going upward to reach Ranni. After talking she will ask you to find the treasure which you can find in the Eternal city of Nokron.

Nokron place is dark and filled with small enemies you can simply ignore them until you reach the site of Grace in the hall. There you will get the hidden treasure after getting that treasure returned to Ranni. She will give you Carian Inverted Statue. Go to the Carian Study Hall and use Carian Inverted Statue.

How to Locate Lich-Dragon Fortissax

You will see that big Globe change its position and open the paths toward upstairs. After talking left from the Globe go deep down and find the lift with the Press button center of the Lift stand at the center of the lift. The lift will take you to the site of Grace after opening the door.

Follow the path straight and you will find another lift that will take you towards the roof of the tower. On the rooftop, you will see a dead body. There you can get a Curse-Mark of Death.

Fia’s Questline

Every time you will meet Fia she will ask you to hug you have to hug her to complete the quest. Complete the quests until you get the Carian Inverted Statue then return to Fia’s Questline.

After that head towards Depproot Depths secret area which is in Nokron.

fia questline
mimic tear

Following this location, you will reach the tunnels where you will find the site of Grace.

Head forward and you will find a coffin behind the waterfall.

fia questline

By using the coffins you will reach the Deeproot Depths. Make your way towards you have to defeat his guards named as Fia’s Champion and Lionel the Lionhearted. They are the easiest to defeat. You will get Fia’s Mist as a reward.

After that prince of Death’s Throne give Fia the Curs mark of death Talk to Fia three times and meet her again then she will agree to bear a child with Godwin. Then you will enter the Deathbird dream to fight with Lichdragon.

How to defeat

This is not an easy boss to defeat as this boss have multiple lightning attack. First yellow lightning strikes on the ground which will create an instant death cloud at the place of lightning fall. To save yourself from these clouds keep a distance. This boss also flies and throws fires at you keep rolling forward toward to save from the fire. Also moves slowly and then smashes his right hand on the ground roll left side to save from the smash. After half of his power down, he will use a lightning sword while flying in the air to attack you.


After defeating this boss you will get Remembrance of Leach-Dragon and 90,000 Runes as a reward.

lich dragon

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