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Elden Ring: Best Complete Prisoner Build With Attributes



The prisoner character’s main stat is Dexterity and Intelligence, the soul level is 9, the mind of 12. So, basically how this works is you can wield some of the bigger weapons due to decent strength and dexterity. The starting FP bar of the prisoner is also decent so, you can use different skills of the weapons or spells.

Elden Ring: Best Complete Prisoner Build With Attributes

You also have a vigor of 11 which is your health and endurance of 11 which is your stamina. Now after selecting the prisoner as your character choose Golden Seed as your keepsake because you get an extra flask.

The weapons that you start with are pretty decent, you have an Estoc thrusting sword which is a dexterity scaling weapon. A Glintstone Staff to cast spells on the enemies. A Rift Shield which is just kind of okay but you really don’t need that much in the early game because you’re going to be hitting enemies with spells from a distance and when it comes to close range, you’ll use your sword and with the dexterity advantage you hit them pretty fast. You’ll start with the Magic Glintblade spell which does some decent damage.

Elden Ring: Best Complete Prisoner Build With Attributes

Upgrading Attributes

Now for the prisoner build, you can go with the intelligence build as well as the dexterity build. In intelligence build, you will use mostly the spells on the enemies and for that, you need a lot of FP so, putting points in intelligence and Mind would do you just fine along with Vigor and Endurance.

But we are going for the dexterity build for the prisoner because it will be more deadly and there are a lot of overpowered weapons that you can use. You want to buff strength also along with dexterity. You also want to focus on the Vigor as well because it increases your health since prisoner health is low so you should keep that in mind too. You can also increase the mind stat as well to increase the FP because the weapons will cost FP so early on you can buff it up to 15 then you can take it easy on it.

Upgrading Attributes


Starting with the build we are going to use Nagakiba, the reason we are using it is that it has a bigger length in the blade than any other katanas and it gives you a range advantage in combat. You want to level this weapon up to apply the Double Slash Ash of War to it. It’s very cheap in FP cost, it costs 6 for the initial attack then 3 for the follow-up attack and the Double Slash is going to be the Rivers of Blood moveset. You also want to apply Keen affinity because that’ll give you A tier scaling for Dexterity. The attribute requirements are 18 strength and 22 Dexterity. This will also build up a blood loss at a rating of 45. The reason we used Keen affinity is that this build is based on dexterity.


The other weapon that you can switch to is actually a curved sword, now any curved sword can really do as long as it has a slot for an Ash of War. Because it’s not the curved sword that will do good for you but actually the Ash of War that you can put on it. You can also put that Ash of War on to other weapons as long swords but that is up to you which weapon you want to choose. The ash of war we are going to put on it is the Bloody Slash.

Location of Nagakiba

Location of Nagakiba

Double Slash Ash of War

You can get this Ash of War from the Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace in Caelid region. This Ash of War will be on a Root of the tree and it’s near to this site of grace.

Double Slash Ash of War

Bloody Slash Ash of War

You can find it in Fort Haight. It will be dropped by a knight.


In terms of seals, you can have any seal for the build, the easiest one to get is from the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable area. Go to them and buy the finger seal.


The incantations that you are going to use are three and they are as follows:

  • Golden Vow: It is used in almost every build. It increases your attack and your defense.
  • Flame, Grant Me Strength: it increases the fire damage as well as the physical attack power at the same time.
  • Bloodflame Blade: it enchants your right-hand armament with blood flame which is where you’re going to get bonus bleed damage and fire damage.

Mask and Armor Set

You can use the Okina Mask for this Build because it boosts your dexterity by 3.

For the armor, you can use any armor set with decent resistance stats.


The talismans we use in this build are the following.

  • Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom: It increases the Dexterity.
  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia: It greatly increases the attack power with successive attacks
  • Shard of Alexander: It boosts your attack power of skills.
  • Radagon’s Soreseal: It greatly increases all the attributes but also increases the damage taken from the enemies.

That would be all for your build mainly focused on dexterity stat which is best for the prisoner class.

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