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Elden Ring Patches Questlines (Patch 1.04)



Elden Ring Patches Questlines (Patch 1.04)

Patches is an NPC that got an update on his quest in the new patch 1.04 of the game. In the previous patch, patches just disappeared and it looked like his quest was incomplete or it was just a bug but in the new patch, they added new events for him.

In this guide, we tell you about his quest and the new quest event of patches.


Patches is an NPC in the Elden Ring and he’ll have his own questline as well as he is a merchant as well in the game.

Location & How to start his Quest

To find Patches, go to Murkwater Cave in northern Limgrave. Go inside the Boss fog and loot a chest there and Patches will come down to attack you.

Location & How to start his Quest

Hit him with the low-tier weapon and when his health gets down to 50% he will surrender. If you kill him at this point or accidentally kill him then there will be nothing that can bring him back and his quest will be incompletable. Upon accepting patches surrender you’ll get grovel for mercy gesture. Afterward, speak with him and go through all dialogues.

2nd Gesture

You can get a 2nd gesture here as well. After you have spoken to him. Hit him three times with a low-tier weapon and he will begin to attack you after your health gets down to 30% he will offer forgiveness and you’ll get an Extreme Repentance gesture. To get forgiveness you need to use the extreme repentance gesture, grovel for mercy gesture won’t work for the forgiveness.

Next Location of Patches (Optional)

This and the next location of patches are optional but meeting him at these locations will get you a new gesture from him. So, if you want a gesture then you can meet him at these two locations before going to Volcano Manor. After patches left Watermark Cave, the first location that he will go to is the Scenic Isle in the Liurnia of the Lakes. Talk to him at this location and go through his dialogues to progress further.

Next Location of Patches (Optional)

Next Location of Patches (Optional)

The next location is at Mount Gelmir. After reaching the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite site of grace, head northwest past the siege tower and you’ll find a golden message from patches about the rainbow stones. There’ll be rainbow stones on the edges follow them and after you’ll reach the last stone a cutscene will start in which Patches will kick you down into the river. After getting up here again, after crossing the second rainbow stones look on the left side and patches will be sitting down there and talking to him will get you a Calm Down gesture.

Volcano Manor

Now for further progress in his quest go to the Volcano Manor and talk to Tanith and agree to serve Volcano Manor. After speaking with Tanith rest at the grace site and go to the main door of the Volcano Manor and you’ll see patches sitting at the side. Complete a single task for the Tanith and then go talk to patches and he will also have a task for you. You’ll need to defeat Great Horned Tragoth. Go to the Magma Wyrm and defeat the Tragoth and you’ll get a Bull-Goat Armor set.

Return to Volcano Manor and talk to patches. Rest at the site and talk to him to get a second reward which is Magma Whip Candlestick.

Now you need to defeat the Rykard in order to move patches to his next location. Complete the rest of Tanith’s quest and you’ll defeat the Rykard. After defeating him, patches will move to his next location.

Shaded Castle

Patches will move to the shaded castle and you have to defeat the boss of the shaded castle in order to spawn the patches on the bridge to the boss location. Defeat the Elemer of the Briar boss and go out on the bridge and you’ll find Patches sitting there.

Shaded Castle

New Location (Update 1.04)

The new location of the patches will be his first location where the quest for patches originally began. When you go there, boss fog will return and there will also be a chest there, open the chest, and patches will jump down to attack you but don’t hit him he will recognize you after a few moments and surrender. After the surrender, you’ll get Patches’ Crouch gesture.

That’ll be the end of Patches quest and you can visit him whenever you want at the murkwater cave to buy items from him.

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