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No Man’s Sky: How Do I Get Rarest Color Solar Ship?



No Man’s Sky: How Do I Get Rarest Color Solar Ship?

In No Man’s Sky, there are a lot of new solar ships after the Outlaws update. In this guide, we tell you how to get the rarest color solar ship in the game.

Things to Do First

Before we go and take the ship, we need to do some things, the first thing you want to do is disable the multiplayer from the settings under the Network section. Because if you have the multiplayer on then anyone can join your game and would take your ship instead of you. So, you definitely want to disable it.

The other thing you need to do is actually you should have the teleport and all the glyphs unlocked in order to get the ship.

No Man’s Sky: How Do I Get Rarest Color Solar Ship?

How to Get the Rarest Solar Ship

Make sure that you are in the Euclid Galaxy then go to the teleport you want to enter the glyphs in the teleport to open a portal that’ll take you to another place where you can find the ship.

Enter the glyphs in the order shown in the image to open a portal to another side.

You’ll reach Nuboragen IV after going through the portal. Enter your ship and look for the trading outpost. All of the new ships will be coming to the trading outpost so keep your eyes on the rarest ship, It is the full Grey and Black color ship.

Be careful of the pirates because they will attack the outpost and no ship will land on the outpost if the pirates are attacking so, you want to take out the pirates that are attacking the outpost.

After all of this, you’ll see a Full Grey and Black solar ship which is the rarest and new ship in the game landing on the outpost. You just want to go near the ship and buy it. Just negotiate the price and buy the ship.

That is how you get the rarest color solar ship in the game easily just keep in mind to turn off multiplayer and clear the outpost from the pirates in order to get the ship.

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