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Lost Ark: How and when to do Counterattacks



Lost Ark: How and when to do Counterattacks

In Lost Ark, fighting with enemies and various bosses is the main part of the game because you collect items off of them that are useful for you in upgrading the items level. But fighting can be hard in this game and you cannot always beat every boss easily. You have to certain moves or use certain skills to defeat or even ask your friend to help you with a task. But during fights, there is a mechanic in this game that you can use and that is the counterattack.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about how and when to do counterattacks and every counterattack of each class as well.

How and When to Do Counterattacks

How and When to Do Counterattacks

Now how to do counterattacks, it is not very simple as it looks. To land the counterattack it must be a front attack you cannot counterattack from the side or the back, it must be from the front when the boss is glowing blue. If you miss the boss will definitely hit you with his move but you have to time it and hit it while standing in front of the boss.

You can practice your counterattacks in the training room as well if you are not hitting them don’t worry, practice your skill counterattack in front of the bosses in the training room.

Training Room

You can go to the training room by going into the guides below. You’ll see the training room and training area as well. You can complete the training area to get some rewards as well.

Go to the training area and switch to advanced practices and you’ll see a counterattack there. Click it and start the practice to learn more about it and practice your skills to counterattack the bosses.

List of Counter Skills for all Classes

The list of all counterattack skills is given below for every class.

⦁ Berserker: Chainsword

⦁ Destroyer: Dreadnought, Power Strike

⦁ Gunlancer: Bash, Dash Upper Fire

⦁ Paladin: Holy Sword, Executor’s Sword

⦁ Arcana: Serendipity

⦁ Summoner: Unleashed Will

⦁ Bard: Rhythm Buckshot

⦁ Sorceress: Squall

⦁ War Dancer, Striker: Spiral Impact, Sky Shattering Bow

⦁ Scrapper: Instant Hit, Roundup Sweep

⦁ Soul Fist: Bolting Crash, Lightning Palm

⦁ Lancer, Glaivier: Vault

⦁ Battle Monk: Skybreaker Slash, Spiral Impact

⦁ Deathblade: Headhunt, Earth Cleaver

⦁ Shadowhunter: Rising claw, Death Claw

⦁ Reaper: Shadow Trap

⦁ Deadeye: Last Request

⦁ Artillerist: Naplam Shot, Swing
⦁ Sharpshooter: Evasive Fire, Deadly Slash

⦁ Machinist: Backflip Strike, Echelon Beam

⦁ Gunslinger: Peacekeeper, Last Request

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