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Enshrouded: How to Make Ragged Armor



Enshrouded - Ragged Armor

Starting in Enshrouded is similar to many other survival games where your character will have no armor which makes the character vulnerable to most of the incoming attacks. Getting the first armor as soon as possible is crucial in Enshrouded as every time you fall to your death, you will lose your items and have to get them back from where you met your fate.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make Ragged Armor in Enshrouded.

How to Make Ragged Armor in Enshrouded

The complete Ragged Armor consists of three armor pieces, a Ragged Shirt, Ragged Pants, and Ragged Boots. Players will have to craft each one of the Ragged Armor pieces to get the complete Ragged Armor and crafting each armor piece will require the following materials.

  • Ragged Shirt – 3x String, 4x Torn Cloth
  • Ragged Pants – 2x String, 2x Torn Cloth
  • Ragged Boots – 2x String, 3x Torn Cloth

In total, players will require 7x String and 9x Torn Cloth for which players will have to do a bit of foraging and exploration. Strings are easy to get as they are crafted with Plant Fiber, whereas Torn Clothes can be obtained by breaking the boxes or killing the enemies in Shroud Areas.

After getting the required materials, open the Crafting Menu by pressing the V button and then select the Rags under the Armor section to view the armor pieces of Ragged Armor. Select and craft the armor pieces one by one by pressing the Spacebar key.

Once you have crafted all three armor pieces, open the character menu by pressing the N button and equip the armor pieces in their respective slots. Equipping the Ragged Armor will allow your character to have 17 physical and magical resistance on the upper body while 11 physical and magical resistance on the lower body which will increase your survival chances by a bit.

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