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Enshrouded: How to Get Resin



Enshrouded - Resin

The realm of Embervale is filled with exquisite resources that players will get to find throughout their playthrough. Gathering these resources is essential for survival in the ruined world and one of the earliest resources that will help players to strengthen the Flame of Flame Altar is Resin.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Resin in Enshrouded.

How to Get Resin in Enshrouded

Resin is an essential material in Enshrouded which also acts as a sacrificial offering for upgrading the base to Level 2. However, getting Resin is not as difficult as it sounds because it drops from cutting the trees, mostly the trees with yellow leaves. The starting area of your base has several trees in the surrounding that you can cut using the Axe to get Resin.

However, not all trees drop Resin so, you will have to keep cutting them until you have the required amount of Resin needed to upgrade the base. We mostly found Resin in our game by cutting the larger trees and the yellow trees. The larger trees take much more time to cut down but they do have a higher chance of dropping Resin than the normal-sized trees.

The Yellow Trees have the highest chance of dropping Resin as they only drop Resin by cutting them and that is why these are the rarest trees to find. It is best to explore the biomes of the realm to discover the landmarks as several landmarks are surrounded by various trees.

To farm the Resin in Enshrouded, you can cut down all the trees around your base and then save the progress and close the game. When you restart the game, all the trees will respawn allowing you to get more Resin. Rinse and repeat the technique to farm Resin early in the game.

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