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Enshrouded: How to Get Animal Fur



Enshrouded - Animal Fur

The realm of Embervale is filled with exquisite resources that players will get to find throughout their playthrough. Gathering these resources is essential for survival in the ruined world and one of the earliest resources that will help players craft a Glider to traverse the world more efficiently is Animal Fur.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Animal Fur in Enshrouded.

How to Get Animal Fur in Enshrouded

Animal Fur is one of the organic resources in Enshrouded that can be obtained from dead animals’ bodies. Almost every animal drops Animal Fur as a loot and a few of the early animals that players will run into while exploring are Wolves, Sheep, and Rabbits. Sheep and Rabbits are easy to kill as they don’t attack back. However, the wolves will get alerted whenever you get into their sights and will lunge at you the first moment they get.

To take out the animals, you need to get yourself a starting weapon like an Axe, Pickaxe, or even a Wooden Club. Not only that you will be able to kill the animals to get meat and Animal Fur but you will also be able to fight off other enemies that wander in the ruined world.

Another thing worth mentioning about the animals is that all of these animals don’t need to drop Animal Fur. For instance, looting a wolf’s dead body will get you only meat and bones but they also have the chance of dropping Animal Fur.

On the other hand, Sheep have the highest rating of dropping the Animal Fur and fortunately, they usually wander in a group. So, if you ever noticed a sheep, there might be multiple sheep in the area that you can take down and get a decent amount of Animal Fur.

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