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Palworld: How to Unlock Every Gun



Palworld - Unlock Every Gun

Getting Guns in Palworld or as the people say ‘Pokémon With Guns’ is not as simple as it sounds. There are several aspects of Palworld that players will have to consider participating even for unlocking the first gun. The game will not simply hand over the gun to you or one of your captured Pal as each gun requires a certain character level and a certain workbench to be crafted on with the required materials.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock every gun in Palworld.

How to Unlock Every Gun in Palworld

There are 8 different guns for the character that players will get to unlock throughout their playthrough. The first gun that will get unlocked is a Musket at Level 21 which is almost at the mid-game. Reaching this level will require players to take part in every aspect of the game including, foraging and mining materials, catching Pals/Bosses, completing Dungeons, Breeding Pals, Incubating Pal Eggs, and much more.

While progressing through each level, players will unlock various melee and ranged weapons that will help them with the early game content and once players reach Level 20, they will get access to the Weapon Workbench that can be crafted using the following materials.

Weapon Workbench will allow players to craft all the previous melee and ranged weapons along with the several new guns that players will unlock by leveling up and spending the Technology Points. However, not all guns can be crafted on the Weapon Workbench as end-game weapons will require Weapon Assembly Line I and Weapon Assembly Line II for their production. The Weapon Assembly Line I is unlocked at Level 32 for 3 Technology Points and the Weapon Assembly Line II is unlocked at Level 47 for 5 Technology Points.

Apart from the required workbenches, several materials are required for crafting the guns including, High Quality Pal Oil, Ingot, Refined Ingot, Polymer, Carbon Fiber, and Pal Metal Ingot.

For simplification, we have listed a table with all the guns and the required materials needed to craft them.

GunLevelTechnology PointsRequired WorkbenchRequired Materials
Musket213Weapon Workbench, Weapon Assembly Line, Weapon Assembly Line II25x Ingot, 5x High Quality Pal Oil, 30x Wood
Makeshift Handgun253Weapon Workbench, Weapon Assembly Line, Weapon Assembly Line II35x Ingot, 10x High Quality Pal Oil, 30x Fiber
Handgun293Weapon Workbench, Weapon Assembly Line, Weapon Assembly Line II50x Ingot, 15x High Quality Pal Oil
Single-Shot Rifle363Weapon Assembly Line, Weapon Assembly Line II20x Refined Ingot, 5x Polymer
Double-Barreled Shotgun393Weapon Assembly Line, Weapon Assembly Line II30x Refined Ingot, 7x Polymer
Pump-Action Shotgun424Weapon Assembly Line, Weapon Assembly Line II30x Refined Ingot, 20x Polymer, 40x Carbon Fiber
Assault Rifle454Weapon Assembly Line, Weapon Assembly Line II40x Refined Ingot, 10x Polymer, 30x Carbon Fiber
Rocket Launcher495Weapon Assembly Line II75x Pal Metal Ingot, 30x Polymer, 50x Carbon Fiber

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