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Palworld: How to Get Gunpowder



Palworld - Gunpowder

The world in Palworld is enriched with both minerals and materials that are essential for survival and progress in the game. One of the materials that is essential for players to keep using the Guns is Gunpowder as it is used in crafting recipes for all of the ammo types of the guns in Palworld.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Gunpowder in Palworld.

How to Get Gunpowder in Palworld

There are two methods to get Gunpowder in Palworld – crafting at a workbench or obtaining it by killing/catching a Pal named Tocotoco. For crafting the Gunpowder, players will first have to unlock its crafting recipe by reaching Level 21 and spending two technology points. Once players have learned the recipe, they will be able to craft it at a High Quality Workbench using the following materials.

  • 2x Charcoal
  • 1x Sulfur

The Charcoal is crafted at the Primitive Furnace using Wood and the Sulfur is mined from the mineral nodes in the desert biomes of the world. Upon getting all the required materials, interact with the High Quality Workbench to craft Gunpowder.

For the secondary method, players will have to find Tocotoco and either kill or catch them. Tocotoco are mostly found in the desert biomes and players can reach it by going to the northwest direction from the starting area of the game.

While encountering Tocotoco, you would have to be careful as they explode after a certain time. So, try to either catch them as early as possible or use a high-level weapon to kill them instantly. Catching and killing each Tocotoco will give you 3x Gunpowder and you can farm it easily when there is a horde of Tocotoco.  

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