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Palworld: How to Sell Pals



Palworld - Sell Pals

The world of Palworld is filled with over a hundred different kinds of Pals that players will get to catch throughout their playthrough. There is no limit on catching the same kind of Pal over and over again but it surely might want you to clear your Palbox to make it more organized or make room for other Pals. This is where the selling Pals feature comes in where players will be able to sell the Pals that they don’t need and get Gold Coins in return.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to sell Pals in Palworld.

How to Sell Pals in Palworld

To sell the Pals in Palworld, players will have to make a trade with a Pal Merchant or a Black Marketeer. A Pal merchant can be found walking around in random regions of the world whereas the Black Marketeer has a permanent shop where players can find him at any time. However, the method to sell the Pals for both of the NPCs is the same.

Find a Pal Merchant and interact with him to make a trade. Select the Sell option to view all the Pals in your party and stored in your Palbox. You can select the Pals both from your Party and the Palbox and put them in the Sale List to trade for Gold Coins. Browse your Pal List to select the Pals you want to sell and then confirm the sale to make the trade.

Where to Find the Pal Merchant & Black Marketeer in Palworld

There are several Pal Merchants in Palworld that players will run into during their playthrough but one of the earliest Pal Merchants that players can find is in the Small Settlement. It is a small residential area not far from the beginning island of the game and the merchant is located inside a hut with Pal Spheres outside.

To find the Black Marketeer, you need to make your way to the Desolate Church and unlock the tower. After that, make your way towards the east to come across a cave with a campfire outside. Go inside the cave and keep following the path to find the Black Marketeer.

Additionally, you can also try and catch either the Pal Merchant or the Black Marketeer so that you don’t have to find them or go to their shop again to sell the Pals.

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