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Palworld: How to Catch Pals



Palworld - Catch Pals

The world in Palwrold is filled with various kinds of Pals (creatures) that can be caught to befriend them and used for assisting in handling various workstations as well as engaging with other Pals. Catching Pals is a core game mechanic of Palworld and players will get to start catching Pals right from the beginning of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch Pals in Palworld.

How to Catch Pals in Palworld

Catching Pals will require a usable item named Pal Sphere which is unlocked at Level 2 and crafted at the Primitive Workbench using the Paldium Fragment along with Wood and Stones. All of the required materials are easy to find in the starting area of the game but they all require a set of starting tools to scavenge them so, make sure that you have crafted them.

Pal Sphere acts as a Poke Ball from the Pokémon universe and catches any Pal within the range. However, similar to Poke Ball, there is also a chance that it might not catch a Pal depending on the Capture Rate percentage. If the capture rate percentage is lower, it will most likely break and the caught Pal will escape, but if the capture rate percentage is higher, it has a high chance of success in catching the Pal.

To ensure the capture of a Pal, you must increase the capture rate percentage by damaging a Pal that you want to catch. Keep in mind that you don’t want to kill the Pal but lower as much of their HP as you can and then press the Q button to quickly throw the Pal Sphere to successfully catch them.

The best weapon for lowering Pal HP is the Wooden Club as it doesn’t deal much damage but it does stun them after several hits and catching a stun Pal with Pal Sphere will always secure the catch. After catching a Pal, players can summon the captured Pal by pressing the E button as well as command them by pressing the ‘4’ button. Using the commands will allow players to pet the captured Pals, feed them, and order them to attack or not attack other Pals.

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