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Palworld: How to Craft All Starting Tools



Palworld: Starting Tools

Coming to the Palworld will introduce you to various kinds of Pals (Creatures) scattered across several biomes of the world. Starting in the Palworld will require you to set up a temporary base for yourself and your initial Pals for which you must have to get the starting tools. Using the Starting Tools will allow you to gather various materials from around the world which will help you craft the structures.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft all starting tools in Palworld.

All Starting Tools in Palworld

Palworld offers 4 starting tools including Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe. Wooden Club, and Hand-held Torch. All of these tools are Level 1 and essential for certain purposes that will help you greatly in the early hours of the game.

Stone Axe allows you to cut down the trees quickly and grant you wood along with some Fiber. Stone Pickaxe allows you to mine rock and mineral nodes around the world to get stones and various mineral ores. The Wooden Club is mainly used for close-range encounters with pals and allows you to deal a decent amount of damage to the Pals. Lastly, the Hand-held Torch is essential for illuminating the darkness along with keeping the character warm during the cold weather.

How to Craft All Starting Tools in Palworld

Crafting all four starting tools requires two main materials – Wood and Stone. Wood can be obtained by picking up the branches from the ground or by punching the trees. Stone can be obtained by picking up the small rocks from the ground or by punching the rock nodes. The required materials for each tool are the following.

  • Wooden Club: 5x Wood
  • Hand-held Torch: 2x Wood, 2x Stone
  • Stone Axe: 5x Wood, 5x Stone
  • Stone Pickaxe: 5x Wood, 5x Stone

Upon gathering the required materials, press the B button to go into the Build Menu and select the Primitive Workbench. Place the Primitive Workbench and hold the F button to build it. After placing and building the Primitive Workbench, interact with it to view all four starting tools.

Select the tool you want to craft and select the ‘Start Production’ option to start crafting it. Hold the F button until the tool is crafted and then press the F button to pick up the tool and store it in the inventory. To equip the tools, open the inventory and place the tools in the Weapons category to quickly swap among them.

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