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Palworld: How to Get the Weapon Workbench



Palworld - Weapon Workbench

Weapon Workbench is one of the crucial workbenches in Palworld as it will allow players to craft one of the most essential weapons, Guns. Unlocking the Guns for your character in Palwrold surely takes a lot of time and the initial step to it is getting the Weapon Workbench. Building it is also crucial for increasing the Base Level as it is required for one of the Base Upgrade levels.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Weapon Workbench in Palworld.

How to Get the Weapon Workbench in Palworld

Weapon Workbench is a production-type structure in Palworld that players can unlock and learn its recipe at reaching Level 20 of Technology. Forage resources, mine rocks and ores, catch and defeat Pals, Incubate Pal Eggs, and Breed Pals to level up quickly. Once you have reached level 20, open the Technology tab and learn the recipe for Weapon Workbench by using three Technology Points.

Upon learning the recipe, go into the Build Mode by pressing the B button and switch to the Production category to find the Weapon Workbench structure. Select the Weapon Workbench and place it on the ground to build it with the following resources.

Ingots are crafted at the Primitive Furnace using the Ores. Nail is a refined material that is crafted at a workbench using Ingot after learning its recipe which is unlocked at level 10. So, you will have to first forge Ingot on Primitive Furnace and then use Ingot to craft the required number of Nails.

After crafting the Weapon Workbench, players will be able to craft all the previous melee and ranged weapons along with several guns and their respective ammo. The Guns that can be crafted on the Weapon Workbench are Musket, Makeshift Handgun, and Handgun.

All three of these weapon recipes unlock before Level 30 and all the rest of the weapons can only be crafted at Weapon Assembly Line I & II which players will be able to unlock later in the game.

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