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Palworld: How to Hatch Eggs



Palworld - Hatch Eggs

Exploring the island in Palworld will often let players find a random type of egg. These eggs are different from regular eggs that are used in cooking recipes instead, they can be hatched to get a random Pal. However, players will have to use a specific structure to hatch the eggs as they will not hatch on their own nor can be destroyed.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to hatch eggs in Palworld.

How to Hatch Eggs in Palworld

The Pal Eggs that players get either by exploring the various regions of the world or breeding the Pals, can only be hatched by placing them inside an Egg Incubator. An Egg Incubator is a Pal-type structure that players will get to unlock at Level 7 for an Ancient Technology Point.

After building the Egg Incubator, you will be able to interact and place any egg type inside it for it to incubate. Every egg type will take a certain amount of time before it is hatched and once it is hatched, a random Pal of the respective egg type will be added to your Palbox. Only one egg can be incubated at a time and if you have several eggs in your inventory/storage, then it is best to build multiple Egg Incubators at your base.

Additionally, you can also increase the incubation speed of the Egg Incubator by placing a Heater near it. The Heater is an infrastructure that is unlocked at Level 17 for two Technology Points. It will make the surrounding area warmer which helps in hatching the eggs faster.

All Pal Egg Types in Palworld

As mentioned above, each egg type hatches a respective type of Pal and that is why it is essential to know which types of egg you should prioritize getting while exploring or breeding Pals. The list of all Egg Types is mentioned below.

  • Common Egg – Hatches Neutral-type Pals
  • Damp Egg – Hatches Water-type Pals
  • Dark Egg – Hatches Dark-type Pals
  • Dragon Egg – Hatches Dragon-type Pals
  • Electric Egg – Hatches Electric-type Pals
  • Frozen Egg – Hatches Ice-type Pals
  • Rocky Egg – Hatches Ground-type Pals
  • Scorching Egg – Hatches Fire-type Pals
  • Verdant Egg – Hatches Grass-type Pals

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