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Escape From Tarkov: How to Unlock Flea Market



Unlocking Flea Market

Escape from Tarkov is an FPS PvPvE survival game in which players get to do raids in different areas of Tarkov. Players will have to explore and kill the other real players to loot the items and then extract through the area before the session times run out. With the looted items, players can use them for themselves or sell them to Traders or in the Flea Market. Flea Market is real players market where players sell all kinds of items for Rubles, Dollars, and Pounds.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Unlock Flea Market in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov: How to Unlock Flea Market

Unlocking Flea Market

The new wipe of Escape From Tarkov has removed all the previous progress of the game and now the players will have to regain all the items and things for them and level up their PMC character to unlock different tasks and items. In every wipe, players start rushing in the game to level up quickly to unlock one of the main mechanics of the game which is the Flea Market.

Flea Market is only unlocked when a player’s PMC character has reached Level 15. After that, the player will be able to sell everything in the Flea Market that he/she does not need. Flea Market lets players trade with each other and if players are looking for an item that they cannot find from the Traders or out in the areas, they will be able to get it from the Flea Market.

Flea Market is not very hard to unlock as players can play regularly and will get enough experience through each raid, task, looting, and kills that will level up them to 15.

Some Tips to Reach Level 15 Faster

At the start of the wipe, most of the players will play the game only for tasks and looting to get more Experience Points to level up. But you do not have to rush the gameplay, you can play the way you like and just complete these few steps to gain extra EXP in every match to level up to 15.

  • The very first thing that you need to do after the wipe is that do not go into any match and just open the Traders tab. Just Examine all the unknown items in the traders’ inventories and you will get to Level 2 without even playing a single match.
  • Accept all the available Tasks and then go into the matches and get the items that are needed for the quests. Do not extract immediately as it gives very low EXP. Wait near the extraction Points and kill any player who comes on the extraction point to earn more exp. Looting the dead bodies will also give you more exp.
  • You can also go into the late matches and hunt down Scavs. Mostly the sweaty players leave in the first 10 minutes of the match and if you go later than 10 minutes, you can easily hunt Scavs. Kill Scavs with Headshots as they give more exp per kill.
  • Loot all kinds of items, examine items, and search bodies and bags in the match to continuously gain exp.

You do not have to do any sweaty plays or rush the game to level up fast. You can just do the simple things in your gameplay to gain extra exp to level up fast.

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