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Escape From Tarkov: How to Unlock Jaeger Trader



Escape From Tarkov: How to Unlock Jaeger Trader

Escape From Tarkov is a raiding game in which you have to raid different areas of Tarkov and come back with the loot by surviving in the areas. The Loot you get can be used for yourself or you can sell it to Traders which are the friendly merchants of the game. You can see all the Traders in the Traders tab of the main menu. There is one trader who will be locked at the start of the game and his name is “Jaeger”. You need to unlock Jaeger by completing a small Task of Mechanic (Trader).

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Jaeger in Escape From Tarkov.

Unlocking Jaeger

Jaeger will unlock after you have completed the “Introduction” Task of Mechanic. The Mechanic is also a Trader and you can start accepting his Tasks once you have leveled up your character to Level 5. He will give you two tasks and one of them will be Introduction in which you have to do the following objectives.

  • Find Jaeger’s Camp in Woods.
  • Obtain Jaeger’s Encrypted Message.
  • Hand over the Message to the Mechanic.

Finding Jaeger’s Camp

Play with PMC and then select the “Woods” map. Once you have loaded into the match, you need to go to the Plane Crash area of the map. It is near the ZB-016 extraction point and you can also follow it by looking towards the Big Mountain. Go towards the Mountain and you will see the Plane Crash. Just ahead of the Plane Crash, you will see a broken camp. Going near the camp will complete the Find Jaeger’s Camp in Woods objective.

Obtaining Jaeger’s Encrypted Message

Jaeger’s Encrypted Message is on the ground in between the Ladder. You need to look at the ground and you will see a Paper on the ground. Interact with it to take it and to secure the encrypted message, you will have to safely extract through Woods.

Obtaining Jaeger’s Encrypted Message

The closest extraction is the ZB-016 which is direct to the east side of Jaeger’s Camp. Start running in the east direction and you will come up on a Green Flare near the bunker. Go inside the Bunker and through the door to extract through the woods.

Handing Over Message to Mechanic

After successfully surviving in the Woods with the Encrypted Message, open the Traders tab and select Mechanic. Select the Introduction Task and turn in the encrypted message of Jaeger to Mechanic to complete the Task. After that, when you go back to the Traders tab, Jaeger will be unlocked for you as a Trader who deals in advanced weapons.

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