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Escape From Tarkov: Urban Medicine – Task (Streets of Tarkov)



Escape From Tarkov: Urban Medicine – Task (Streets of Tarkov)

Tasks are very important in Escape From Tarkov as they give certain EXP along with unlocking new items for the players. Completing tasks will also level up the Merchants and they will bring new items to their inventory that players can get. One of the new tasks that have been added to the game is Cease Fire which is given by the Therapist. She will tell you to find the chemical laboratory on the streets of tarkov and find a container with drug samples inside the laboratory,

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Urban Medicine in Escape From Tarkov.

Urban Medicine

You need to load into the Streets of Tarkov map with your PMC character and you need to find the Chemical Laboratory to complete the first subtask of the Urban Medicine. You need to go to the East side of the map near the Concordia Apartments. While walking down the street that leads to Concordia, you will see a compound on your right side in front of the Boikov Legal building.

You need to go inside the compound and pass the oil tanker. You will see a black flag with a wolf symbol on it. There will be a car in front of you that will be crashed into the garage. The Garage will be slightly lifted from the left side and you need to go inside the garage. You can easily go in by going prone from the left side of the garage.

Once you have reached the laboratory, the first subtask will be complete and now you have to find the container with drug samples. The container spawn in random locations so, you will have to look on the shelves, on the side of the shelves, under the beds, or on the floor to find the container. We found the container under the bed on the side of the medical box.

After you have found the container, you will have to successfully extract it from the streets of tarkov to give the container to the Therapist to complete the Urban Medicine Task.


Once you have completed the Urban Medicine Task, you will get the following rewards.

  • 10200 XP
  • 50,000 Roubles
  • +0.02 Reputation with Therapist
  • 2x Adrenaline Injector
  • Zagustin Hemostatic Drug Injector

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