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ESO: High Isle: Mechanics of Tales of Tribute Card Game



ESO: High Isle: Mechanics of Tales of Tribute Card Game

The new expansion of the ESO has a new feature that will allow players to play the Deck Builder game with NPCs and other real players. There are also rankings in this game and also season ladder rewards that players can get by winning a match or completing the match. In this guide, we’ll go through the mechanics of Tales of Tribute.

Decks & Patrons in the Game

There is a total of 8 Patrons with corresponding decks that you can collect. Each deck is comprised of 20 cards of different types including Actions, Contract Actions, Agents, and Contract Agents.

Decks & Patrons in the Game

Action Cards

Action cards have play effects that are instantly activated the moment you play them. Most Action cards also have combos in addition to play effects. After the play, action cards will be sent down to the cooldown pile.

Agent Cards

Agent cards play the same as the Action cards in terms of play effects and combos but they stay on the board until the opponent reduces their health to zero. After the play, agent cards will be sent to the cooldown pile.

Contract Action & Agent Cards

Decks have either Contract Actions or Contract Agent cards, these contract cards function similar to the action and agent cards but they are immediately played once you buy them from the tavern and they will not be added to your cooldown pile or hand at any point in the match.

Each Deck has cards that can be upgraded, you can upgrade the cards that have a green symbol on the bottom left of the card. These cards are in the collection tab of the tales of tribute patrons. Some cards are received randomly and for the other cards in the patrons, you will have to complete specific quests or collect card fragments to completely acquire them.

Contract Action & Agent Cards

At the beginning of every match, you and your opponent will select two patrons each, this determines the cards you start with on top of the six neutral cards that are shuffled into your hand.

Ways to Win

The winning condition of Tales of Tribute is gaining the favor of all four patrons by activating their corresponding boons.

The other way of winning the tales of tribute is through the Prestige Points. In addition to the coins and power on the board, you need to be mindful of your prestige points that are tracked via the blue hexagon underneath the tavern. When you get to 40 Prestige, you must retain this lead against your opponent during their turn. If they do not hit 40 or surpass your score, you will win the match.

However, if both of you keep catching up to each other then whoever either gets the favor of all four patrons or reaches 80 Prestige points first becomes victorious.

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