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The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle: Ember Build



ESO: High Isle: Crafting Sets & their Locations

The new expansion of Elder Scrolls Online has two new companions added to the game. One of those companions is Ember, Ember is a Khajiit Sorcerer that can be summoned as a companion. You can find her near the Tor Draioch point of interest. In this guide, we’ll tell you the build for the Ember.

Ember Build

You can look at companion’s skills and build by selecting the Companion’s Menu while talking to them. Ember’s Skills focus on the Shock Damage, Protection, and healing. She can be played in the following classes.

  • Lightning Cellar
  • Mischievous Caster
  • Playful Schemer

The Build we are going for is the Healer build as we want to get strong heals and a quick cooldown for all the abilities. To make this build first, we need to adjust the gear set for the Ember. We only want to use the Light type of armor with Soothing and Quickened Traits.

Armor & Weapon

All the pieces of the armor you have to use are Light, for the Necklace, and both of the rings you want to equip the Quickened. The weapon we are going to use is the Healing Staff with the Soothing trait.

Armor & Weapon


The skills we want to use for the Healer Build are those that would give us the most benefits with fast recovery of the skills. The skills used for the Healer Build are the following.

  • Mystic Fortress
    • Creates a Shield that absorbs damage from the enemies when Ember or allies are low on the battlefield.
  • Hurricane Visage
    • Ember deals shock damage to the enemies and their attacking damage is reduced by 20%.
  • Shared Wards
    • Creates a shield that absorbs damage as well as heals.
  • Quick Fix
    • Give heal to the allies or Ember herself.
  • Mending incantation
    • Ember activates its blessings that would give healing to every ally and also bless them with Spell and Physical Resistance.
  • Raging Storm (Ultimate)
    • An AOE ultimate in which Ember does the Shock Damage to the enemies.

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