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ESO: High Isle: The Things You Can Do in the New Expansion



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The High Isle is the new expansion that is available now for PC and Stadia players. This new expansion has brought a lot of new things to the game with the main storyline of ESO. In this guide, we’ll be going through the things that you can do in the new expansion of ESO: High Isle.

Main Story Quest

The expansion of ESO continues the main storyline of the ESO and if you are a consistent player of this game, you probably had gone through all of the storyline quests of the game. If you are a new player and you care about the story then before doing this chapter main story quests, you should probably do the other main quests of the game. But if you don’t want to deep dive into the story and play throughout this chapter then you can start the main quest of this chapter in the Major City of High Isle and you’ll go through some of the quests and you’ll gain Gold, Experience, and some skill points.

Tales of Tribute

The Tales of Tribute is a new feature that has been added to this expansion. Tales of Tribute is a card game that is a Deck Builder game that you can play with NPCs as well as the other real players in the game. You can play this by starting the Tales of Tribute questline in the major city of High Isle as well. By completing the questline, you’d be able to unlock more decks and cards. You can also play in the ranked matches against other players as there’ll be seasonal rewards that you’ll get by playing the game. You can also get rewards by completing daily matches.

New Mythic Items

This expansion also brings new mythic items to the game, you can go and explore the new zones to look for the new mythic items. These mythic items can be in the other zones of the ESO so, you probably have to explore more in terms of finding them. Other than the mythic items, there are also new Cosmetics and Furnishes that you can find as well so if you want to search for the mythic items and antiquities, you can find them in this expansion.

New Trial

You can do the new trial in the High Isle chapter as well. If you want to earn the good ger set then you can do and complete the Dreadsail Reef trial. The trials are harder in general as there is the main boss in it which you have to defeat in order to complete it. It required the players to be at least CP160 before they can take part in the trial. If you are with your friends then they should also be CP 160 level.

Overland Content of the New Expansion

This expansion also has the new overland content in which the players can take part in different activities. The overland content has World bosses, Delves, and Volcanic Vents. All these contents are necessary to complete the zone. You’d need to take part in the online events and discover all the caves and defeat bosses in them. All these activities will drop you some good tier items that you can equip

Side Quests & Companions

Side quests are also a very important part of this expansion as it allows us to go through different Delves and get high-tier rewards. There are also new companions added to this expansion that you can unlock for summoning in the fight alongside you. The companions are Isobel Veloise and Ember. Ember is a Khajiit that does lightning and shocking damage to enemies. The Isobel is a Breton that has the skills of a fighter. You can add different skills to them and level them up. You can also add gear to them.

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