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The Elder Scrolls Online: How to Play Tales of Tribute Card Game



The Elder Scrolls Online: How to Play Tales of Tribute Card Game

The new upcoming expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online will bring many new things and activities to the game as well. One of the new features that have been added to the game is the Tales of Tribute. The Tales of Tribute is a card game that you can play with NPCs and Human players. The Tales of Tribute also have rewards that you can get by playing and winning. In this guide, we tell you how can you get to play the tales of tribute.

How to Play Tales of Tribute

The players would need to go to the Gonfalon Bay area on the map and need to do quests there. Eventually, you would see a new quest named Tribute Players and it will be outside the Gonfalon Gaming Hall.

How to Play Tales of Tribute

You’d have to talk to a guy name Brahgas and he would tell you about the Tales of Tribute. After going through all the dialogues, the Tales of Tribute quest will begin and you’d have to enter inside the Gonfalon Gaming Hall to proceed further in the quest. After getting inside the gaming hall, you’d need to talk to Master Razhamad. He would tell you the basics of the Tales of Tribute game and he’d tell you to make your way to the beginner’s lounge so, you can play your training match. Go through all the dialogues and talk with Brahgas at the beginner’s lounge table.

Talk to Brahgas and he’d play a match with you which would be a training match, just complete the match to complete the Tales of Tribute quest.

After this quest, you can now talk to Master Razhamad to unlock the Tales of Tribute Quest Chain. You can play the Tales of Tribute with the NPCs as well as the other real players. Talk to Master Razhamad and he’d tell you more about the Tales of Tribute game and its ranks.

You can rank up in this game to face harder opponents and if you reach the higher rank, you can face the creators of the Tales of Tribute. At the end of the dialogues with Master Razhamad, you’d have to join the Gonfalon Chapter of the Roister’s Club to play with other opponents and climb high in the club’s ranking.

After joining the club, Master Razhamad will give you your first pair of decks with 150 Gold and experience.

You’d be able to play against other players using the LFG menu and by using the social interaction wheel.

How to Play Tales of Tribute

To open the rank, you’d have to play 5 matches with NPCs or other players. You can also play casual matches for practice.

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