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Fae Farm: How to Buy & Sell Animals



Fae Farm: Buy & Sell Animals

Apart from farming and growing crops in your farm area, you can also have various kinds of animals. Having animals in your coop ledger can get you various resources and ingredients for different food recipes. You can also choose to breed animals to gain other advantages and sell them for a decent number of Florins to earn money quickly.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Buy and sell Animals in Fae Farm.

How to Buy & Sell Animals in Fae Farm

To Buy and sell Animals in Fae Farm, players will have to go to Earline the Rancher. She is the sister of Eddy the Mariner and she lives in the Plains of Plenty area. The Plains of the Plenty area is located on the west side of the map and players can reach by going to the far west side from the West Town area. Once players have reached the Plains of Plenty area, they need to find and talk to Earline to browse her shop.

Talk to Earline and select the Buy/Sell option to either Buy an Animal or sell one. You can also upgrade trough by selecting the Upgrade Trough option. To buy the animal, select the Buy Animal option to view which animals she is selling and then confirm the purchase to buy the animal. Similarly, you can sell your owned animals by selecting the Sell Animal option for a certain number of Florins.

After buying the animal from Earline, you can name it and the animal will start following you. You need to go to your Coop Ledger in your farm area to register the animal. Interact with the ledger and select a slot for your bought animal to register it.

Animals do need care and feed for them to provide you with resources and ingredients so, make sure to check on them daily.

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