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Fae Farm: Basic Farming Guide



Fae Farm: Basic Farming

Farming is one of the crucial activities in Fae Farm that will allow players to farm and grow various flowers and crops that can be used in several crafting recipes. Flowers and crops can be used in cooking recipes that can help players replenish their Health Bar, Energy Bar, and Mana Bar. However, unlike most farming simulation games, Fae Farm has different types of farming which will allow you to farm different types of flowers and crops depending on the season.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all about basic farming and get you ready for how farming works in Fae Farm.

Basic Farming in Fae Farm

The Basic Farming in Fae Farm will allow you to farm and grow the usual six crops any time of the season. Unlike more seasonal farming in which you can grow different crops, you will grow the exact crops from the seeds that you plant. Before players move on to seasonal farming, they will have to start with regular basic farming to learn the mechanics of farming in general. To do the basic farming in Fae Farm, you can follow the following steps.

1. Clear the Farm Area

The very first step is to clear the farm area where you want to make your farm and plant seeds. Use the Starter Tools to clear out plants, logs, dirt patches, rock deposits, etc. from the farm area.

2. Construct Basic Soil Bed

To plant the seeds, they must plant in any type of soil. For the Basic Farming, you will have to make the Basic Soil Bed to plant the seeds. To construct the Basic Soil Bed, you will need the following resources.

Once you have all the resources, you need to go into your farm area, go into the Construction Mode, and select the Farming Tab to view the Basic Soil Bed. Select the Basic Soil Bed to craft it and then place it down in the block of the farm area. Each Basic Soil Bed will take 1 block and you can place as many as you want depending on the number of materials you have in your inventory.

3. Get the Seeds

In the early game, you will be able to get Turnip Seeds from the Storage Shed outside of your home. But, to get the seeds in general, you will have to buy them from the respective NPCs. To get the flower seeds, you need to buy them from Rosalind and to get crop seeds, you need to buy them from Holly. Both of the NPCs can be found in the Town Center location of Azoria.

4. Plant the Resources

Once you have seeds in your inventory, you will get the option to plant the seeds in the Soil Beds by going near it. Press the X Button (XBOX) or Right-Click (PC) to plant the seeds.

5. Water the Seeds

After planting the seeds, you will have to water them. Equip your Watering Can or simply go near the seeds and interact with them to water them automatically. If you run out of water, you will have to interact with the well located on the right side of your farm area near the animal house. You will have to water the seeds at least for two days (in-game) for the seeds to grow mature.

6. Harvest Crops

Once the crops and flowers have grown, you will be able to harvest them by interacting with them. The harvested crops and flowers will be stored in your backpack and you can store them in the Storage Shed as well for later use.

Apart from these steps, you can also add fertilizers to your planted seeds. The fertilizers can also be bought from Holly so if you have money to spare then feel free to buy fertilizers and use them on your crops to increase crop yield or turn them into a Seasonal or Fae variety.

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