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Fae Farm: How to Get Sand



Fae Farm: Sand

There are several resources in the World of Azoria for you to gather that are necessary for constructing new items. As players progress in the game by completing the main quests, they will have to get the Sand to make the Basic Soil Bed to start basic farming to grow various crops. Farming is one of the crucial activities in Fae Farm which will allow players to grow various crops and turn them into seasonal crops to use them in cooking as well as selling to earn money.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Sand in Fae Farm.

How to Get Sand in Fae Farm

The Sand can be obtained by digging the sand patches on the ground with a Shovel tool. Players will first have to get the Starter Shovel tool to start getting the Sand from digging. The starter shovel is the first level of the shovel and players will be able to get it by unlocking the Starter Toolset. Once players have unlocked the Starter Toolset, they will be able to get Sand from the Beach.

The Beach location has several Sand Patches that players can clear by digging to get Sand. Press the Right-Click (Mouse) or the X Button (XBOX Controller) to get Sand by digging the sand patches. As sand is needed to craft the Basic Soil Bed, players will have to come to the beach from time to time to gather sand.

Along with Sand players will also gather Clay with a 1 to 1 ratio. Meaning, players will get the exact number of clay as sand by digging the sand patches.

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