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Fae Farm: How to Get Critter Net



Fae Farm: Critter Net

Finding and learning about the activities is one of the early stages of Fae Farm that every player should consider doing as it will allow them to partake in the activities to progress their character and get exotic items. One of the activities in Fae Farm is Bug Catching which will allow players to catch critters but before players get to do Bug Catching, they will have to get themselves a Critter Net.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Critter Net in Fae Farm.

How to Get Critter Net in Fae Farm

The Critter Net is one of the Equipment in Fae Farm that players can get by talking to the associated character in the Bug Catching activity. In the case of Bug Catching, players will have to find and talk to Mel the Beekeeper. Mel is an old Beekeeper of Azoria and he has his home in the West Town area. The West Town area is located on the west side of the Azoria world map. Players will be able to track the location of Mel during the Friend to the Critters quest. Open the map by pressing the View Button (XBOX) or the M Button (PC) to track Mel.

Follow Mel’s face symbol on the screen and make your way to the west of Azoria to reach the West Town area. From the Homestead location, players will have to go in the southwest direction to reach the West Town area. Once there, talk to Mel to get the Fishing Rod.

It is one of the early equipment in the game that players can get and they will be able to change between the equipment by pressing the LB/RB Buttons. Unlike the tools, players have to manually equip the Critter Net to do Bug Catching activity.

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