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Fae Farm: How to Get Stone



Fae Farm: Stone

There are several resources in the World of Azoria for you to gather that are necessary for constructing new items. Stone is one of the resources that you can use in several crafting recipes in Fae Farm. You will get the quest early in the game as well to gather stones.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get stones in Fae Farm.

How to Get Stones in Fae Farm

The stones can be obtained by mining the rock deposits that are located in several areas of Azoria. The most common place to find rock deposits is your farm area outside of your house. There will be several rock deposits that you can mine but before you get to mine them, it is crucial for you to unlock the Pickaxe which is a tool from one of the Starter Tools.

To get the Pickaxe, you will have to complete the Movin In quest for Merrit to claim the Set of Starter Tools which include the Scythe. Once you have Pickaxe in your inventory, you will be able to mine the stones. Go near the rock deposits and press the Right-Click (Mouse) or the X Button (XBOX Controller) to get stones by mining the rock deposits.

You will have to gather 10 Stones in total for the Tidying Up quest early in the game. So, to get 10 stones, you will have to mine at least 5 rock deposits. As you progress ahead by completing the quests, you will be able to make Cooking Fire with Stones so, make sure to gather enough Stones from your farm area.

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