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Fae Farm: How to Make Grilled Greens



Fae Farm: Grilled Greens

Cooking is one of the crucial activities in Fae Farm that will allow players to cook various food items that can be used to replenish the character’s Health and Energy Bar. As energy is important for all the activities in Fae Farm, it is essential for players to rest or eat Healthy food items to replenish Energy Bar every now and then to keep their character going. One of the quickest ways to replenish Energy Bar quickly in Fae Farm is by eating the Grilled Greens food item.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make Grilled Greens in Fae Farm.

How to Make Grilled Greens in Fae Farm

Grilled Greens is one of the early food recipes in the game that players can make. To make the Grilled Greens, players will have to craft the Cooking Fire cooking station and get Arugula as an ingredient. Arugula is a Spring Season crop and players will only be able to harvest it during the Spring season so, make sure that they have harvested and stored enough Arugula to make Grilled Greens food recipes with them.

1x Grilled Greens will require 1x Arugula to make and players can make multiple Grilled Greens at a time by setting the Prepare number while cooking the recipe. To cook the Grilled Greens, follow the following steps.

  • Press the X Button to interact with the Cooking Fire.
  • Select the Arugula ingredient by pressing the A Button.
  • Set the Prepare number by using the Left Stick or Right/Left Buttons of the D-Pad.
  • Press the A Button to confirm the number of dishes and then wait for the Grilled Greens to be prepared.
  • Press the X Button once the Grilled Greens have been cooked to collect them.

The collected Grilled Greens will be stored in your inventory which you can open by pressing the Up Button on the D-Pad. Select the Grilled Greens from the inventory to eat them and each Grilled Greens food item will replenish 15 Energy.

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