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Far Cry 6: How to switch weapons



Far Cry 6: How to switch weapons

Far Cry 6 contains a veritable arsenal of weapons that players can use in the search for Dani to free Yara from the dictatorship of Anton Castillo. With all the options at your disposal, it is important to know how to navigate them. Here’s how to switch weapons in Far Cry 6.

Change weapons in Far Cry 6

Press Triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox to switch between multiple equipped primary weapons and your pistol. You can toggle between four weapons like this: three primary weapons and a pistol.

The third primary is a Resolver weapon, which basically means that it is generally something with a little more firepower that has been slapped with spares. These include modified flamethrowers and firearms that can fire electricity.

Changing equipped weapons will allow for greater versatility in different situations. For example, having at least one silent weapon on hand at all times can prevent Dani from being detected by outside enemies, even when those enemies seem to appear out of nowhere.

If you want to change the weapons that are in their main slots, you must go to the “Arsenal” menu, select the weapon in the slot you want to change, and then choose the weapon you want to replace it with.

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