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How to get all the Supreme in Far Cry 6 and what each of them do



Far Cry 6: How to Use the Supreme Weapon

We tell you how to get absolutely all the supreme in Far Cry 6 and also what each of them does so that you make the most of them in the games.

At the time of our games to Far Cry 6, we can make ourselves a large number of weapons that we can even modify, but above all, the supreme ones stand out, which could be said to be abilities or a series of backpacks that grant us special attacks.

Although we have already clarified what we consider to be the best combination of supreme and weapon to destroy in Far Cry 6, the truth is that there are six other supreme remainings that are worth knowing where to get and exactly what they do.

So we help you to know the location of all the supreme in Far Cry 6 and also what each of them does so that you take full advantage of them.

How to get all the Supreme in Far Cry 6 and what each of them do

In total, we have seven supreme, these super special weapons or skill backpacks that we carry on our back and that if we obtain all of them we will get the achievement or trophy called “backpacker”.

You can buy all of them from Juan but not at any time, and you will have to reach a certain rank or even overcome the odd mission to unlock it.

Realize that they will not be free because you will require depleted uranium and you can find it in all anti-aircraft guns.

  • Exterminator, this is an initial supreme with the ability “Armageddon Strike” that launches a series of rockets that target enemies and explode on impact.
  • Ghost , you can buy it from Juan from the beginning and it has the ability called “Venom saved” that is capable of creating chaos by launching poisonous gas on the battlefield and that can even make enemies face each other.
  • The supreme Volta, which you can also buy from Juan at the beginning, has the ability called “the boost”, which emits an EMP pulse capable of taking down enemies, but also disabling security systems and even enabling vehicle hijacking.
  • Another supreme is furious that you can buy from Juan, available at rank 3, and that has the “mad fire” ability capable of emitting an explosive ring capable of roasting enemies.
  • You also buy the Supreme Medic from Juan and it is available at rank 4, enabling the “medicine zone”, which allows us to revive ourselves and quickly heal ourselves and nearby allies, ideal for cooperative.
  • The supreme Gladiator that you buy from Juan and available at rank 5 with the “juice injector” ability that increases our speed and health, and unleashes our machete abilities against any enemy.
  • Finally the supreme Triator that is obtained as a reward for completing the mission where we must return the relics of the Triad and that is capable of marking enemies in cover even through walls, combining it with the rifle the Wand that is capable of shoot through structures.

If you get all of them, you will get the trophy or achievement called “backpacker”.

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