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Farming Simulator 22: Buy & feed animals – Information on all animal species



Farming Simulator 22: Buy & feed animals - Information on all animal species

In the FS22 you can buy animals again, feed them and enjoy their yields. You can keep horses, cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, and even beehives. Here you can find out what you have to pay attention to with the animal species, how to keep the stable clean and give them water.

Buy animals & bring them to the farm

Before you buy animals from the local animal dealer, you must first build the necessary stable facilities for keeping them on your farm. To do this, open the construction mode and go to the middle tab “Animals”. Here you can now look at all the stables for cows, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, and bees and decide on the right one.

Once the stall is in place, you can buy animals directly from the stables using the paw symbol, or you can visit the animal dealer on your card and buy appropriate species. After the purchase, you can now bring the animals to the farm yourself in a cattle truck or you can leave the delivery to the cattle dealer. Of course, this costs you something. If you have money problems and play on the PC, you can also use the money cheat in FS 22.

Provide, feed & breed animals with water

If your animals have arrived safely in the stable, you have to take care of them adequately. You don’t have to actively take care of the water supply, all your animals get water automatically when they are in the barn.

However, you have to feed them yourself and you also have to change the bedding with the straw spreader from time to time. Simply unload the relevant feed at the unloading symbol in front of the stable.

If you do everything right, your animals will become happy and old. In the process, they then multiply as a reward and increase your livestock. This is how breeding works in the game.

In the following, we will give you more information about the individual animal species and what you have to consider with them.


  • Suitable forage: grass (40% effectiveness), hay (80% effectiveness), millet, silage and total mixed rations (best forage, 100% effectiveness)
  • Products: milk, manure and manure

Cows come in different breeds that bring you different profits. For example, Braun-Swiss and Holstein cows are best suited for dairy farming, while Angus and Limousin bring more profit. The milk quantities and sales prices of the cow breeds differ accordingly.

Make sure you give your cows Total Mix (TMR) if you want to improve their milk production. You produce TMR by mixing hay, straw, silage, and mineral feed in a mixer wagon. By feeding cows, they also produce manure, which you can collect in the manure tank or a septic tank.

If you use straw bedding in the cowshed, you also create manure. For this, you have to place a dung heap in construction mode (under the silo extensions) next to the barn.

Cows have the following characteristics:

  • Health: Increase this value by dumping straw in the stable.
  • Reproduction:  As soon as cows reach the age of 18 months and are accordingly healthy, they start to reproduce.


  • Suitable forage: hay (40% effectiveness), oats and millet (each 60% effectiveness)

You can train horses for a high selling price. Purchased horses are automatically given a name that you can change in the animal menu. By training a horse, its fitness level increases, and the higher the level, the higher the selling price. Ride your horses daily to increase your fitness level. At the top left, you will see a percentage display that fills up while you are riding. If this has reached 100%, you have covered the daily riding needs.

Horses have the following characteristics:

  • Health: Increase this value by dumping straw in the stable.
  • Cleanliness: Groom your horses regularly so that the value for cleanliness stays at the top. To do this, step up to the horse until the brush symbol appears. Then press the interaction button.
  • Fitness:  Increased by daily riding.
  • Daily riding: Shows the daily riding requirement in percent.


  • Suitable feed: maize and millet (50% effectiveness), wheat and barley (25% effectiveness), rapeseed, sunflower and soybeans (20% effectiveness), potatoes and sugar beet (5% effectiveness)
  • Products:  manure and manure

Pigs can breed and sell for a high price if you take good care of them.  By feeding pigs, they also produce manure, which you can collect in the manure tank or a sump. If you use straw bedding in the pigsty, you also create manure. For this, you have to place a dung heap in construction mode (under the silo extensions) next to the barn.

Pigs have the following characteristics:

  • Health: Increase this value by dumping straw in the stable.
  • Reproduction:  As soon as pigs reach the age of 6 months and are accordingly healthy, they start to reproduce.


  • Suitable forage:  grass and hay (100% effectiveness)
  • Products:  wool

Sheep give you wool as a special product. To sell wool, you have to load the finished pallets with a pallet fork at the sheep pasture and then bring it to the spinning mill on the map. Alternatively, you can bring wool to your production facility for further processing.

Sheep have the following characteristics:

  • Health: Increase this value by dumping straw in the stable.
  • Reproduction:  As soon as sheep reach the age of 8 months and are accordingly healthy, they start to reproduce.


  • Suitable feed:  wheat, barley and millet (100% effectiveness)
  • Products:  eggs

After chickens have laid eggs, egg pallets appear next to the hen house. Loads them with a forklift onto a suitable transport trailer and either takes them to another production facility for further processing or to a point of sale.

Chickens have the following characteristics:

  • Health: Increase this value by unloading food at the stable.
  • Reproduction:  As soon as chickens reach the age of 6 months and are accordingly healthy, they start to reproduce.


Beehives are a specialty among animals. They produce honey that can be sold directly or processed further. You can freely determine the zone to which the honey should be delivered. In addition, beehives increase the yield of rapeseed, sunflower, and potato fields if you place them near these fields.


Dying Light 2: All trophies and achievements for the zombie slicer



Dying Light 2: All trophies and achievements for the zombie slicer

That Dying Light 2 appears at all in many languages is almost a miracle. So you can look forward to an extensive action RPG that will keep you entertained for a long time with tricky trophies and achievements. We list all achievements here.

All trophies and achievements in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 appears cut in Germany, but you can still unlock all 58 trophies and 57 achievements. Complete all main quests, find the 250 collectibles, conquer all bandit camps or reach maximum health and stamina. As a reward for this, you will receive the platinum trophy on the PlayStation. Xbox players are content with 100% Gamerscore. This is what the distribution looks like on PS4 and PS5:

  • Bronze Trophies: 48
  • Silver Trophies: 8th
  • Gold trophies: 1
  • Platinum Trophy: 1st
  • (of which secret trophies: 8)
  • estimated difficulty: 7/10

Eight trophies or achievements are hidden and reveal some details about the story of Dying Light 2. We have therefore listed these achievements in a separate table below. So if you want to avoid spoilers, you can read through this first table without worry.

NamesUnlock ConditionstrophiesGamerscore
Journey into the unknownreach Villedor.bronzetba
shooting debutUsing an inhibitor for the first time.bronzetba
Warm welcome!Enter the bazaar.bronzetba
VacuumActivate the first water tower.bronzetba
light in the darknessActivate the first substation.bronzetba
In the service of the cityAssign all facilities.bronzetba
tunnel entranceActivate the first subway station.bronzetba
Sancho PanzaActivate the first pinwheel.bronzetba
The tickets please!Use a subway station to get around quickly.bronzetba
Don QuixoteActivate all wind turbines.bronzetba
Can’t you read the signs?Collect all inhibitors hidden in GRE quarantine stations.bronzetba
Found something?Find all GRE packages.bronzetba
It wasn’t that difficult, was it?Defeat the first GRE anomaly.bronzetba
flag burningTake out the first bandit camp.bronzetba
You never forget the first timeCraft the first item.bronzetba
Oh, that’s how it works!Modify the weapon for the first time.bronzetba
friends in needAssist 50 survivors in encounters.bronzetba
BootlickerReach City Alignment 7 for any faction.bronzetba
million gameRaise 1,000,000 in old world money.bronzetba
ultramarathonTravel at least 960 kilometers.bronzetba
Now it’s going downA total of at least 10,994 meters fall.bronzetba
Good night and good luckSurvive the first night.bronzetba
InviolableKill 20 enemies in a row with melee weapons without taking any damage.bronzetba
night hunterKill a Shadowhunter.bronzetba
death from afarKill a Spitter with a ranged weapon.bronzetba
tanning salonKill a virus carrier with a UV flashlight.bronzetba
Deadly HeadacheGet 50 headshots with a ranged weapon.bronzetba
Too slow!Shake off pursuers at max hunt level.bronzetba
social beingJoin a co-op game session.bronzetba
That’s what I call teamwork!Kill 100 enemies with at least 2 other players.bronzetba
Lightning fast reflexesExecute 10 perfect blocks in a row without taking damage.bronzetba
modsMod weapons at least 50 times.bronzetba
This is the end!Perform 50 ambush kills.bronzetba
Don’t look upKill at least 50 enemies from above.bronzetba
ValidKill 50 enemies with a spear.bronzetba
True night runnerComplete all Nightrunner Trials.bronzetba
kaboom!Perform an air kick after a double wall run.bronzetba
archivistFind all Notes collectibles.bronzetba
audio friendFind all audio collectibles.bronzetba
street art connoisseurDiscover all graffiti collectibles.bronzetba
subway mapActivate all subway stations.silvertba
revenantDefeat all GRE anomalies.silvertba
Ban RayExclude all bandit camps.silvertba
parkour masteryAchieve maximum parkour ability.silvertba
Battle MasteryReach maximum combat ability.silvertba
on missionGet to know all potential playmates.silvertba
fitAchieve maximum health.silvertba
iron heartAchieve maximum endurance.silvertba
Your world, your rulesComplete the game with any ending.goldtba
pilgrim pathGet all trophies.platinumnot applicable

Secret trophies and achievements

Below we present you all trophies and achievements that are secret in the menu and are only revealed when you unlock them. If you don’t have any spoilers to worry about, you can take a look at the table without hesitation:

NamesUnlock ConditionstrophiesGamerscore
On the trail of the enemyFind out where Waltz isbronzetba
Get out of my house!Defeat the renegades attacking the Fisheye.bronzetba
rubble and ashReach the observatory.bronzetba
We will be heard!Restore the radio tower.bronzetba
accompliceFind out where Veronika Ryan is.bronzetba
Death by the shovelWake up after the rocket attack.bronzetba
descentEnter the X13 elevator.bronzetba
Family over everythingfind your sisterbronzetba

Although many of the trophies and achievements are less difficult to unlock, some will tie you to the controller or mouse and keyboard for a very long time. The estimated playing time is not so extensive for nothing.

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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Kill Protean Agents



Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Kill Protean Agents

Here are the best tips and tricks for defeating Protean Agents, emulating the skills of your operators in Rainbow Six Extraction. Make them mush.

Rainbow Six Extraction is here, and that just means you’ll have to contain the alien infection to the bitter end. What is clear is that this shooter is quite a vice.

Surely you are giving the new Ubisoft title, available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Stadia. Plus, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can enjoy it at no additional cost right now.

In Rainbow Six Extraction you will have to team up to stop the alien invasion, and only by cooperating will you be able to achieve it. Mind you, prepare for the worst when facing a Protean …

If you’re playing Ubisoft’s co-op shooter and want to know how to beat them, here’s How to Kill Protean Agents: Best Tips, Operators, Cheats, and more details to defeat them.

How to kill protean agents

Protean Agents are the most powerful and menacing enemies in all of Rainbow Six Extraction. In essence, they are creatures that emulate the game’s operators, copying their abilities.

Arguably the Proteans are clones of our agents. For example, the Smoke Protean drops poison gas bombs, but there are other types that have the same abilities as our heroes.

It must be said that the battles against the Protean are very, very difficult. These are located in exclusive alien zones, which you can only access through portals.

How to find the portal to these areas? Well, for this you have to reach the third and last area of ​​a stage . If you manage to defeat him you will get juicy rewards and a lot of XP, but be careful because it is a great risk.

That is, it is not mandatory to access the Protean area to complete a mission. Of course, if you do not fight him, you will not be able to get the rewards and equipment per objective.

Are you brave enough? Then go to the portal of the level you are in, and you will be teleported to an alien zone. Prepare for the fight.

The battle against Agent Protean has two phases, which are interspersed. First, you will have to clear the stage of enemies, and then attack the Protean, which will protect itself with its minions.

With this in mind, you should know that attacking the Protean is just as important as blocking it . These are the best tips for the battle, so pay close attention.

Tips for attack operators

  • Tachanka is one of the best Operators to take on the Protean. The reason is its powerful turrets, which will grind the Protean to a pulp while locked.
  • Hibana is also highly recommended for this match. This agent can lay mines and throw sticky grenades, which will do a lot of damage to the Protean while it is distracted or blocked.
  • Another very good option is smoke grenades. When the Protean is locked or distracted, you can throw these grenades at it that deal damage over time. Poison gas grenades are also recommended.

Tips for Lock Operators

  • To slow down the Protean’s movement, use Glue Grenades or Proximity Mines on Agent Ela. This way you can stun him and shoot him while he staggers.
  • The Gridlock agent uses specialized ground traps that slow targets caught in the blast. This is perfect for distracting the Protean.
  • Alibi is another good option to block the Protean, as it can spawn Decoys. This distracts and pulls enemies to the point you want. It is recommended to combine it with other blocking agents and deal damage with attack operators.

Basically, to fight the Protean agent it is important that you have attack and block operators. Detection and scanning agents are useless.

It is also recommended that you take Doc, Finka or Rook in your party (one of them), as they will give you support for the battle and healing. If you follow our advice, the battle against the Protean is a piece of cake.

Rainbow Six Extraction has been available since last Thursday, January 20 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia. You can also play it on services like Xbox Game Pass.

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Dying Light 2: Game length for main and side quests and more



Dying Light 2: Game length for main and side quests and more

With the announcement of a playing time of around 500 hours, developer Techland caused euphoria and sheer horror at the same time. How the scope of Dying Light 2 is composed and how long you can count on it, you can find out here.

Estimated playing time of Dying Light 2

After many of you expressed concerns about the incredible playing time of 500 hours, the developers at Techland backtracked in a later announcement: You can only count on a scope of 500 hours if you unlock all endings in addition to all main and side quests, Explore every inch of the map and find all the collectibles. If you are only looking for fun in between, you can count on this playing time:

  • Complete all main quests and end story: about 20 hours
  • Complete all main and side quests: about 80 hours
  • Complete all main and side quests, made all decisions and seen every ending, fully explored the map, and found all 250 collectibles: approx. 500 hours

In general, the playing time seems to be well balanced. If you just want to experience the story, you’ll get plenty of content with around 20 hours. If the game captivates you, you can easily spend another 500 hours in the world and discover everything.

Update plan through 2027 for even more scope

As Techland officially announced, Dying Light 2 will be provided with content and updates five more years after the release in 2022. That should increase the estimated playing time of 500 hours and keep you tied to the controller or mouse and keyboard for a long time. And anyone who played the predecessor despite being indexed knows that this too has been fed with new content for years.

If you wonder whether Dying Light 2 is your money’s worth, you can check out at least this question for the moment clearly with a “yes” answer.

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