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Where they are and how to open loot caves in Halo Infinite



Where they are and how to open loot caves in Halo Infinite

We tell you exactly where these loot caves are in Halo Infinite and also how to open them to make your team totally powerful.

It is clear that the confrontations in the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite are going to take us to the maximum, and if we want to have great guarantees of victory we will not only have to be very intelligent and have a very well-connected team but also have access to the best weapons.

Although we can find many weapons in different ways, it is clear that those who manage to enter the different vaults or loot caves are the ones who will have the best chances of victory due to the large number of weapons that we can find inside.

Now after the first days of launching the game, we find several of these caves scattered around a very particular multiplayer map, and we tell you exactly how to open them so that you are among the first.

Where are they and how to open the loot caves in Halo Infinite

First, we must clarify that there is only one map with loot caves and it is Fragmentation, one of the largest maps in the game.

The location of these caves or vaults is not much of a mystery, since one is located just north of the map and another is located just south of the map, easily visible.

It is an artificial cave carved out of natural terrain and when you approach it for the first time it will light up in red, so you must pay attention to a console that you must hack in order to enter the loot area.

Once you interact with the consoles, a 20-second hacking timer will start, and when you do it right it will change from red to blue and you can enter directly.

You will find a lot of weapons on the walls, and also on the ground different types of grenades, electric weapons, and gadgets.

Once you have organized with your team and have collected practically all the weapons, it is time to win the game because you will have an advantage that few people have.

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