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Farming Simulator 22: Buy, sell, and process wheat into flour



Farming Simulator 22: Make productions faster and faster

Are you wondering how to successfully grow, harvest, and utilize wheat in Farming Simulator 22? Whether you need wheat for animal care or want to explore the potential of processing it into flour, this guide is here to assist you. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step tutorial on planting and harvesting wheat, as well as buying, selling, and processing it into valuable flour.

Growing, Harvesting, and Selling Wheat

To begin, prepare your field for planting and use a suitable seed drill, such as the Nordsten HK 25 + NS 3030, to plant wheat. Purchase wheat seeds in pallets from dealers, and fill the seed drill by standing next to it and pressing the R button. Switch the seed type to wheat using the Z key. Once the wheat is ready for harvest, use a combined harvester with a cutting unit, accompanied by a tractor and trailer to collect and transport the harvested wheat. Keep in mind that harvesting wheat will also yield straw, which is useful for animal care and can be spread in the stable. All the necessary vehicles and equipment for wheat cultivation and harvesting can be found in the “Grain” package at the dealer.

Selling Wheat

There are multiple points of sale where you can sell your harvested wheat. Consider visiting the Farmers Market in Goldcrest Valley or the local grain mill. While wheat yields a moderate profit when sold directly, it’s more beneficial to utilize it for animal husbandry or processing it into valuable flour.

Buying Wheat

If you’re in need of wheat for animal care but prefer not to grow it yourself, you have the option to purchase it in bulk bags or on big bag pallets. At the retailer, you can acquire a 1,000-liter big bag for €1,400 or a 1,000-liter big bag pallet for €1,500.

Processing Wheat into Flour

In Farming Simulator 22, wheat can be transformed into flour, adding further value to your crops. To produce flour from wheat, you’ll require a flour mill, which can be either purchased (if available on the map) or obtained through the construction mode. Process 5 units of wheat to obtain 4 units of flour. The flour can be temporarily stored on pallets in front of the grain mill or directly distributed to production facilities, depending on the output mode set for the mill. Finally, deliver the produced flour to the bakery, where it can be utilized for baking bread and cakes.

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