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Farming Simulator 22: Harvest, sell, and process sorghum millet into flour



Farming Simulator 22: Harvest, sell and process sorghum millet into flour

Are you curious about planting, harvesting, and utilizing sorghum in Farming Simulator 22? Sorghum offers exciting opportunities in the game, as it can be sold, processed into flour, and even used as livestock feed. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the necessary information on how to successfully grow, sell, and process sorghum in FS22.

Sowing and Harvesting Sorghum

To start, prepare your fields for planting and choose a suitable seeder to sow sorghum. Once the seeds are loaded, proceed to sow sorghum using the appropriate controls. After a period of growth, your sorghum crop will be ready for harvest. Use a suitable harvester to gather the matured sorghum.

Selling Sorghum

Once harvested, sorghum can be sold at various points of sale, including the Farmers Market and Goldcrest Valley (by train). Additionally, sorghum can be utilized as feed for livestock, such as pigs, chickens, and horses.

Processing Sorghum into Flour

If you’re interested in further processing your sorghum crop, you can transform it into flour. To achieve this, you’ll need a flour mill. If a flour mill is available on your map, you can directly purchase the production facility. Alternatively, access the construction menu and select the flour mill from the “Productions” menu. The cost of a flour mill is 96,000 euros. With 15 units of sorghum, you can produce 16 units of sorghum flour. The flour is typically stored on pallets in front of the mill. However, you also have the option to sell the flour directly or distribute it to other production facilities by adjusting the output mode for sorghum flour in the mill.

By following the steps outlined above, you can successfully plant, harvest, and utilize sorghum in Farming Simulator 22. Enjoy the versatility that sorghum offers, whether you decide to sell it, process it into valuable flour, or use it as feed for your livestock. Explore the various selling points, consider investing in a flour mill for additional production options, and make the most of your sorghum farming experience in the game.

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