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Farming Simulator 22: Planting, harvesting, and fertilizing oil radish



Farming Simulator 22: Planting, harvesting, and fertilizing oil radish

What function does the oil radish actually have in Farming Simulator 22? How can you harvest the oil radish and where can you sell the crop? The question of one or the other player who recently bought the new FS22 for the PC or console and is currently going through the various crops that can be sown or planted in the fields will look like this or something similar. In this guide, we tell you what the oil radish can be used for and what function it has.

Farming Simulator 22: harvest and sell oil radish

The oil radish is a so-called catch crop. Compared to other field crops, the oil radish is not harvested, but under cultivated and thus serves as green manure. When the ripe oil radish has been cultivated, the fertilizer level of the field increases, and this, in turn, has a positive effect on the yield of the next crop that is planted or sown in the field and later harvested. The field with the oil radish is also shown in light blue on the map after cultivation with a cultivator. The oil radish grows from March to October and can be “harvested” all year round.

Since the oil radish cannot be harvested directly, it cannot be sold or processed in a production facility. In addition, it is not necessary to fertilize the oil radish. In order to get the full fertilization level in the field, the field must also be fertilized with mineral fertilizer. The mineral fertilizer can be bought from the dealer and then spread over the field with a fertilizer spreader.

Even if the cultivation and later cultivation of the oil radish is quite complex, the effort can be worthwhile. Among other things, you save the second fertilization and after sowing the plants you can bring the field to fertilization level 2 directly with the mineral fertilizer. In addition, you save the costs for the second fertilization.

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