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Farming Simulator 22: Contracts and Orders



Farming Simulator 22: Contracts and Orders

Here you will find out how contracts/orders/missions work in Farming Simulator 22: is it profitable to download the mission, can you complete the mission with your own machines, can you use the equipment from the mission on your own field, and whether you can “rob” the client during the harvest.

In your spare time or when you are extremely short of money, you can take on available missions from other field owners. You can complete the tasks with your own or rented machines: in the second case, your salary for renting machines will be slightly reduced. Also, you cannot rent only selected machines: you immediately get a kit that you can use to complete the entire job. However, you can use your own devices if, for example, you have a more powerful tractor or a more spacious semi-trailer. Quests appear every now and then, depending on the month – don’t count on multiple tasks in winter.

Farming Simulator 22: Contracts and Orders

To complete the task, you have to complete all the indicated work, only then can you count on the remuneration. Interestingly, you can hire employees for some tasks (you can successfully hire them to transport machines/goods). Taking up a task does not limit you from being able to switch between your vehicles and complete your own tasks in the meantime. However, if you fail to complete certain tasks within a given month, they will be considered a failure.

You cannot use borrowed equipment in other missions or on your own field - when you try it, you will receive the correct message that you are not at the task location and the device will not work.

Some missions can be very easy and profitable, such as spraying or mowing the lawn. The biggest problem is usually transporting the machines (which appear in the store if you rent them). Taking on quests is also a great tutorial and an opportunity to test many new machines if you rent them.

You can abandon the quest if you no longer wish to complete it. However, you may be required to pay certain amounts. Anticipating the idea: if you try to steal the crop, you will be charged for not delivering it to the client at the current market price. However: as long as you do not “claim the rewards” for the contract, the amount of the penalty will not be deducted from your account – so you can consider this as an alternative agricultural loan. After all, you can earn money on such action, as long as you wait for a higher price for selling plants in purchases or use production chains in your factories.

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