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Farming Simulator 22: Tractor loader – How to assemble?



Farming Simulator 22: Tractor loader - How to assemble?

On this page of the guide, you will learn how to connect a Front Loader to a tractor in Farming Simulator 22. This allows you to fit the silage fork, bale fork, or shovel to use your tractor as a loader.

You can install a front loader on tractors. It is the simplest and cheapest form of the loader to be able to pick up various items / raw materials such as bales, grains, fertilizer, or silage. In order to be able to mount the loader, you need to buy the right tractor (many heavy tractors and the cheapest light models do not have this option). In addition, when you buy select console front loader ( front loader Attacher ).

Then you need to purchase a loader tip. Here, the choice is simple: depending on the application, select the right attachment (shovel for loading loose materials or a fork for lifting bale).

It is worth installing a weight at the rear of the tractor if you intend to lift heavy objects (e.g. logs or a loaded shovel), but also when you want to lift them very high, e.g. during loading.

There are special vehicles for lifting objects - various types of loaders. They have their own endings incompatible with others. If you will be using your loader frequently, it is a good idea to get one of these vehicles.

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