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Farthest Frontier: How to Get Stone



Farthest Frontier: How to Get Stone

Farthest Frontier is a survival game in which you have to build your town and keep people safe from all kinds of the wilderness of the world. One of the most key resources in the game is a Stone. Because you are going to need it to make a wall or watch tower or buildings or wells and etc.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the stone in Farthest Frontier.

Getting Stone

As you start forging your town, you’ll see that it is difficult to find stone around you because there is no building or other structures that you can harvest stone from. You’d have to look for rocks hidden in the bushes or behind trees and then select to harvest them to get the stone.

As there is no other particular way to harvest the stones, to find the stones quickly, press the Harvest Resources option on the bottom of your screen and uncheck all of the resources except Stone. Then click and drag on the screen to search for the stone in the area. If you haven’t gotten any resources from which you can harvest stone then start again from the point you just searched and search a new part of the area around you.

If you find rocks there just click on them and select harvest resources to get the stones.

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